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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Walk

We went for a lovely stroll around a local lake today and Dave even braved the path over tree roots and narrow passages with the double stroller!  The kids loved it and found many interesting things.  We saw ducks and inchworms, woodpecker holes, "rare" mushrooms and lava rocks (igneous rocks for a throwback to last year's science unit).  Sundays are pretty cool ever since Dave decided he wouldn't work and we'd do things with the kids instead.
Pictures stink as they are taken with our dirt-old flip phone.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

River Day

We spent a really lovely day here at the river close by but the only picture I have is this one:  

Found myself a fairy at the river...

We all went though and even ran into Colton and his brother, friends of ours from up north.  Nathan and David even got to borrow a family's intertubes to swim down the river.  It was a really lovely day and the only one not having the grandest of time, was our poor, spoiled dog.  He is not made for the "rugged" outdoors of pebbles and water...  :-)  But he was a trooper and was happy to hang out although he was not happy we made him go in the water.  The kids had fun finding crawdads, water skippers, little tiny fish and all sorts of other creatures (periwinkles).  This river is perfect because the water does not get too deep and we don't have to worry about anyone drowning, including Hannah.
Another lovely summer day in the books.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day of School, 2016-2017 School Year

Today went much better than I had thought.  Adjusting to waking up early and having to do school again, I thought I'd have some whiny kids.  But it went really well.  Mom was probably more cranky than anyone, saying good-bye to the lazy days of summer.  Realizing how much work was ahead of me and that there isn't enough time in the days to get it all done, was overwhelming.  Especially on a day with little sleep.  Hopefully, that is an indication of the rest of the year.

First day of school officially for this little one.  While she's been learning to read and write and has done some math already, today was her first ever official day of school!

She wasn't excited at all.  Not a teeny, tiny bit.

Big girl in third grade.  Hopefully this year will be much better for her.

The Schultute!  A German tradition that all children love.  :-)  Mine are no exception.  It was hard for this girl to finish all her work and wait until the end of the day to open this treasure.

Schultute is also a great head covering.

An even better hat.

And all the great goodness inside!

5th grade!  My, time is flying by.  This handsome young man had a great first day.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

First Ever T-Ball Practice

First ever T-ball practice for Isabelle with her dad at our local baseball fields.  She had a blast but really, the main focus is on "listen to your coach and pay attention."  Isabelle wants me to write: "I love it."  "And I love catching and I love throwing and I love batting."  "And say that I'm Isabelle."  She had a blast.  Thanks to my amazing man who is such a kind and patient coach and takes the time to teach his kids, not just about baseball, but about life.  I love you.

And yes, that is a Mako that was on clearance for $8 at Sports Authority.  Nathan is very jealous.  :-)

I just love that smiling face while she is throwing.  What a cutie.

And look at those base-running skills!  She is looking at her basecoach already!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fair 2016

I'm wayyyyy behind once again with posting pics for summer but this one I wanted to post right away.  It's Dave and Isabelle at the fair and our compromise about him growing a beard.  He didn't want to have a full-blown beard and I love the result!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Snapshots with Tonya

My friends Tonya loves the Snapshots App and we have come to love it ourselves.  In short, it figures out where your face is and does something to it.  Some of them you can do with two people.  While I'm quite fascinated, Hannah loves it.  She loves it so much so, that no matter how upset she is, if Tonya waves her phone and asks her to look at pictures, she'll go right on Tonya's lap and peacefully look into the screen (as evidenced by the pictures below).  Here are some screenshots that Tonya sent.

Two beautiful ladies with blue, blue eyes.  And that peaceful look mentioned above.

Look at those baby blues.
Apparently this one amused me.

Being a puppy must not be as fun as imagined.  Or maybe it is a look of contentment?

Hannah seems to like being a bee!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sandlandians Versus Infinites

Nathan and Abby built a city that very quickly got eaten up by the waves.  They rushed to save their "citizens" and then built another city.  Foolishly by the sea again.  Or wait, maybe they enjoyed this fight?  They tried to built the strongest stronghold with 3 walls around it.  Here is the last wall .

It's all over.  Don't you love how people with cameras just stand by and take pictures???  See shadow.

Second wall is taken down by the waves.  It's a downhill battle.  Smart rulers would evacuate.  Save yourselves!!!

Fortify the wall!  Quick Abby, get more sand.

Second wall is a goner.

First water coming into the city.

Even Isabelle got into the action.  Dave had told Hannah that there were fishies in the water and it freaked her out.  She was screaming at her dad to get away from the water.  It was really cute.  And loud.

The Kind and the Queen.  Thankfully they and their children were saved.  Everyone else drowned.  Tragic.