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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random acts of kindness

Today our neighbor girls (college and high school) came over to give me a little bouquet of flowers from their garden, a handful of delicious strawberries freshly picked from their garden and one of the most delightfully fragrant roses I've had to let me know that we are in their thougths. How thoughtful! It made my day and made me excited about moving back to our other house (we have beautiful roses there that I've missed). So to everyone reading, random acts of kindness make someone's day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I need a chai tea...

You know those days when you continually question your parenting because no matter what you do, your child just won't listen? My pediatrician had warned me (she is a mother of four teenage girls, so she's the fountain of wisdom in my book). She'd told me that the threes were her least favorite age. Even though everyone talks of the terrible twos, its just mainly frustration of the child and can be handled. However, in the threes, children will continually test your limits. Apparently continually means "uninterrupted battle of the wills." I try to remind myself how much I love my baby boy while he is testing me from going to the potty ("I don't want tooooo!!!") to refusing to eat anything the second part of the day (jeans his heigth barely hang on to him as it is) to simple things like not hitting me. He has such a Jekyll and Hyde personality when he's in this mood and even though I try to be consistent and set the boundaries and rules that he needs, it hurts me to have to be on the opposite side of my child. And even though he is defying me all the way going to sleep, I walk behind him as he runs from our bathroom to his room in his undies and I can only smile at how little he is. As I tuck him in and he isn't listening at all , won't help me get him dressed, he looses his nighttime story. More a punishment for me than him. He asks if I'd still talk to him, a nighttime ritual dear to both of us and after much more disobeying, he looses that priviledge too. But I still tuck him in, tell him I love him oh so very much and soak up every last bit of his tight hug, and his kisses. I love my children. Nevertheless, today I need a hug from my hubby, his kind reassurance that I am a good mommy and a chai tea...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Mommy Moment

Tonight we took Lorena to a much awaited Cheesecake Factory outing. Lorena's been looking forward to that for oh so long. It was a present from her sister Karen and we've been consciously avoiding it. :-) Well, we just don't expect our two little ones to sit quietly for a long time. So tonight was it. We took a very excited Lorena, a somewhat calm Nathan and a definitely not happy-my-teeth-are-hurting Abigail. But this was to be a magical night of sorts. For starters, we got the front parking spot without anyone trying to even challenge us for it. Surprisingly, at 4:45pm on a Saturday night, there were no lines. After checking in with the hostess, the hords of people arrived. Literally! We only had a 5-10 minute wait and even got a booth! It's the little things in life, really. We got through appetizers but Abigail would have none more of it. So I decided to take her outside into the mall. Even though my wonderful husband would not have hesitated one bit to take her and have me enjoy my meal, I really wanted him to have a good dinner and time with his mom. It's been a stressful week for him. After a week of Abigail being demanding and some embarrassing situations where she actually hit me (!), I was, to be completely honest, dissappointed. When we exited the Cheesecake Factory, I saw an old man on a bench looking at us. I don't know what it was, but the smile on his face, I instantly knew that he remembered maybe his own children when they were so little and how precious it was to him. That is what life is all about. I felt ashamed for forgetting that even though that is part of being a mommy. I was grateful in my heart for the realization and decided to make this about Abby time. We had a blast. And although challenging, I took it with a sense of humor. Such as when we were at L'occitane and Abigail would not stop yelling (and you know how loud that girl it) "Poopoo, mama, Poopoo". :-) When she didn't want to walk or be carried and threw a fit, we discovered that she loves to walk backwards and upside down between my legs. She loves straws and likes to have air blown through her hair with them. She wanted me to put her on top of a girl bed at Pottery Barn Kids as I did and she then told me "Aa-bee night-night. Bye, bye mama." When I asked her if she really wanted me to go bye-bye so she could sleep, she uttered her usual "mhm" in agreement. I noted again, how much I love her baby-pink skin and how her chubby little cheeks plump up when she laughs. That she loves to take her shoes and socks off, loves sitting on chairs and is just most precious. Thank you sir for giving us that encouraging smile of wisdom. Thank you Lord for always keeping me focused on what is important. I love my family.