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Friday, July 24, 2009

A wise man once said...

We are finally all moved into our new/old house. I cannot express how much happier I am in this much smaller (about 1000sf) house I am. Even the kids seem to be so much happier. How can you not be excited now that all your toys are in such a concentrated area and you can go outside by yourself? And it seems that even David is getting settled. Yes, there are big barking dogs on either side of our fence and we do not have the privacy we used to have but what can I say, somehow it's bliss.
Nathan loves his new-found freedom, being able to go outside whenever he can. And since Daddy just taught him how to ride his bicycle before the move, he is riding it on the cement all day long. He pretends to be Kevin, David's best male friend, on his motorcycle. He also pretends to be a police officer on his motorcycle which is also Kevin.
Abigail is still in love with the trampoline which now takes up half of our backyard. She loves to run on it and squeel in delight "un fast" (run fast) "look!". And those little legs are starting to go really fast. She is still trying to master the art of jumping and did it for the first time yesterday. She has not been able to do it since.
I can clean in record-time now. :-) I did all the floors downstairs in 2 hours the other day. How does that compare to cleaning floors for 2 days???? Yep, I love it.
David is very busy with work right now and his to-do list is endless. Yet he's been doing an amazing job of scheduling so that he can usually take at least one weekend day off. This sunday we will go to the beach since it'll be close to 100 degrees and well, we just love the beach. So any excuse will do. And yes, there is a box jungle still in our house and we literally wander on pathways in some rooms. There is lots of work to be done but as David always says, those are the unimportant things in life. A wise man...

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