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Sunday, August 30, 2009

La Center Centennial Day

David told me that he'd be able to take off work Saturday starting at around 10am and so it was my job to figure out what to do. Fortunately I stumbled across an ad for the La Center Centennial days and I'm so glad I did. When we got there, it was by the high school all around a really neat playground area. There was live music playing on the stage (always a favorite for Nathan). We skipped the library used book sale, passed the antique car show (really neat!) and went to the kids area which was not only free (!!!!) but they could win candy. Now seriously, where do you get free kids entertainment anymore? Everyone sucks every last penny out of you because they know you can't say "no" to your kids. Even the rides were free. Nathan and Abby went to the bounce houses and while Nathan went on the rides, little girl Abigail played with the bubbles in the little kids area. It was really neat. After a while we had a buffet with tons of food for $3 total and then had free yummy ice cream outside. We strolled through the vendor stands and learned about old logging techniques. We were going to watch the bow and arrow shooting but after watching one arrow go astray, we decided that wasn't the best idea. The kids spent another hour or so on the playground where we chased them and pushed them on swings. It was such a wonderful family day and David and I really enjoyed it. Nathan, exhausted and stuffed of cotton candy, ice cream, free cookies and the likes, didn't even make it that night. After a quick bath, both Abigail and Nathan were ready for bed and just exhausted. Nathan even slept until 9am this morning (quite different from his 7:15am). Oh bliss. :-)

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