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Friday, August 28, 2009

A wedding, Love and Logic and Dino Mania

It's been such a busy month. Moving with two little ones in a much smaller house is quite bigger a task than I had originally thought. By now, the only boxes left are neatly stored in cupboards except for the ones in our bedroom. We are trying to manage the box situation by the time Matze and Mandy arrive on September 5th (Yippie!!!). The house itself is coming together niceley and things are starting to get under control. I feel as though I am in control of my life again and that is a nice feeling.

The biggest event other than moving has been Rusty and Megan's beautiful wedding. There really aren't words to express how much it means to David and I to see the two of them getting married. We are so very happy for them. They both are very special to each one in our family and they are so very good together. Selfishly, I am so thrilled because I have Megan as my sister (in-law) now. I love having a sister. :-)

The wedding was also a great opportunity to spend more time with the every so funny, creative and just plain nice Taylor family (megan's family). I truly enjoy being around them, especially Jen, the mom. There is so much I can learn from this mom and one of the bigger things she has taught me is to read the Love and Logic parenting books. I have done just that and I'm in love with the thought. It's still hard to change my thinking compared to the "you'll get in trouble" and constantly finding myself arguing with a 3-year old. However, whenever I'm able to just simply let him harvest the consequences of this choices, it works oh so very well! I've enjoyed parenting much more as I'm calm, collected and most of all, in control!

Talking about the little 3-year old who has been diligently testing his limits, he is in dinosaur mania! Everything about dinosaurs (and by that I mean mostly Tyrannosaurus Rex) is drawing his attention. Movies, books, toys, food, anything. He is even sitting on the couch, reading his own books. He loves to imitate T-Rex by pulling his "short" arms tight to his body, only putting out two fingers and stomping and growling through the living room. It's too cute.

Abigail amazes me with her ability to learn. She knows all her letters and can read them all. It's quite the party trick. :-) She is showing such a sweet side to herself to and always wanting to help and always being concerned about others. The other day grandma had one of her smokers coughs in the car and Abigail all concerned asked "nandma, ok?". It was so sweet. And she adores Nathan. Should we go anywhere without him or if he's still sleeping in the morning, she will ask non-stop where Nathan is. So cute.

David has been busy with work, which is such a good thing. However, he's taking one day a week to play with us. He's lost over 30lbs now!! That is just crazy. He's hoping to loose another 10 by the time Matze and Mandy get here so he can gain 15lbs again. :-) Crazy thinking. The World Series of Baseball for kids and also the World Series of Poker are currently on, so that is all good stuff for him. :-) Unfortunately, our favorite shows (Merlin and Legend of the Seeker) are in a summer break right now. That stinks.

As for me, knitting has taken a break since the wedding and I'm trying to crank the house into shape for Matze and Mandy. Everything is coming together and I've become much better at accepting that not all will be done and that stuff just won't be perfect. There won't be Christmas cookies in the freezer for them as originally planned and the house and garden won't be spotless but it is all coming together nicely. At least I can go from one room to another in this house. That was impossible in the other house since it was all one room so to say. Happiness!

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