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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The heartache of saying good-bye

After three awesome weeks with my brother Matze and his girlfriend Mandy we saw them off at the airport. David and I had such a hard time. We just had such a bond with them and although you expect to have some bad days spending 3 weeks so close together, we never did have a bad day. Quite the opposite. We had so much in common and there was such love between all of us, it was especially hard to let go. While we are so fortunate to live in the times of Skype and cheap international calling, nothing is quite like having your loved ones around you. Matze and Mandy are being separated right away too as he has to go to a 3-week military outing while Mandy needs to start work on Tuesday morning. Coming back to the house was hard and it will take a few days to get back to "normal". Strangely enough Abigail is not asking me all day long: "Where's Matze and Many?" (she did this all day long while they were here). And as if they sensed my hurt, my children were especially good and very loving today. So David and I go and wait for "normalcy" to set in and in the meantime hope that Matze and Mandy decide to move here in 5/6 years. We love you Matze and Mandy!