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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aye Matey.....Roarrrrr

Did you know that pirates roar like lions? Me neither. But apparently they do. At least the bad (very bad) pirate Nathan does. But that was also after about a pound of candy had been consumed, so I guess all bets are off anyways. Nathan and Abigail had just so much fun today. Besides being at Grampy's house most of the day, they pretty much had free roam over candy. Abigail likes candy but isn't crazy about it. Nathan on the other hand, candy rules his world. So a whole day centered around candy where he can also dress up as a pirate, that's just grand. Abigail was a lovely pink little lovebug and got quite a few "awww"s from various women. :-) She has a way of doing that. As I'm reflecting on the day, it strikes me that a lovebug was the perfect costume for her, that's exactly what she is. She goes and spreads love, hugs and kisses with lots of "i lof yiou"s. Wonder if the costume picked her?

Puzzle Boy

Nathan has been finishing 25 piece puzzles all by himself! It amazes me how this over-energized boy who is always moving (the energizer bunny has nothing on him!) can sit down and literally work on his puzzle quietly for 45 minutes to an hour. He is so very proud when he finishes them and everyone is pulled over and gets to admire it. The reason it takes him so long to finish? Ah, a little red-haired wonder who keeps stealing puzzle pieces and much to the panic of her brother, even hides them occassionally. :-)

Marshmallows, Turtles, and Pops

While the kids nap, I've been trying to get to my knitting Christmas projects and watch cooking shows at the same time (how I love this!). Although I'm usually not really into candy making, having a son who adores, no, more like breathes candy, I watched some shows and saw one that went through the process of making marshmallows (a favorite for Nathan). Since he has been into helping me cook lately (he actually likes the taste of salt and flour), it was a pretty safe bet that he'd be really into marshmallows. I was abondoned during the 10 minute whipping process but even so, after a 2 hour wait for the marshmallows to set, my son was oh so very excited to eat them. Pure bliss and the best thank you a mother could ever get. :-) I also whipped up some Almond Turtles and Chocolate Pops that he doesn't know about yet. It'll be so much fun for him to discover them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hurray for Megan and Rusty!

Megan and Rusty are parents! They will have a beautiful baby in July of 2010! How awesome is this news? David and I are so excited for them. This is just such a beautiful step in life and they will be wonderful parents. We are so excited that our kids will be closer in age and that we can go through these stages in life close together. It'll be so wonderful to have Christmases with all the little ones running around together.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Is sskaeri.

The kids are in the dark and therefore having funny facial expressions....

Today we carved our pumkins. No elaborate details this time, just relaxing. We started off with Ellie Krieger's yummy and healthy Chicken Parmigian. Hmmm. (And yes, I made a healthy yummy meal! Yeah!) Grampy joined us for dinner much to the delight of little ones around. After practicing some pumpkin faces on paper, David cut the pumpkins open and it was up the us remaining three to scoop them out. It quickly became clear that Nathan hated it (he ran to the bathroom to wash his hands) while Abby loved the yuk ("both hands mama!"). So Nathan helped David design and carve the pumpkins while Abigail and I scooped (well, I scooped and she squished). Grampy enjoyed his grandchildren and smirked often watching them. Abigail ended up abandoning me too after the third pumpkin. So when all the pumpkins were scooped out, Abigail and I worked on her pumpkin. She wanted it to be "sskaeri" (scary) like Nathan's. She was in such a funny mood because she hasn't been feeling well. So she was not feeling well, was for some reason overtired and into EVERYTHING. We had beads in the kit and we did her pumpkin with lots of beads and she wouldn't let go of the beads. She got obsessed with them and I had to tickle her for 30 seconds straight to loosen her grip on her treasure. Naturally she put tons of beads in her pumpkin and a gigantic mouth on the other side, no eyes, no nose. It was very sskaeri. We took pictures of Abigail and her pumpkin and then wanted to take a picture of Nathan with his scary pumpkin face. But Abigail would not leave his pumpkin. She kept pushing herself in the picture in front of Nathan with this photo-posing smile. Finally, after taking pictures of her with Nathan's pumpkin, we were able to get one of Nathan, all bored by now and leaving immediately after we took the picture. No second chances there. Then we put all the pumpkins on the table with Abby and Nathan and put candles in the pumpkins. When we turned the lights off, Abby sang "happy birthday to you" (we turn the lights off on birthdays when we bring the cake in). Oh so tired Abigail was so happy to go to sleep. After reading her a story, I sang her a song and while she layed in my arms, she sighed. How sweet. David and Nathan said good-night to Grampy who left and then David went to read Nathan a story. Happy pumpkin dreams.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today was a day of reflection for David and I because our dear friend Quentin had his memorial service today. The one thing about this wonderful sweet man that everyone kept saying over and over again was what a legacy he left. And that was nothing new to anyone who knows Quentin and sweet dear Margie, his wife of 53 years. Many times in my life (especially as a mother) I have honestly wondered what Margie would do in my shoes. Quentin and her are truly what David and I strive to become. Wonderful people, honest, hard-working, faithful but most of all God-honoring people who show their love for Christ in all they do. They have worked hard all their lives, not at building riches or fame. They have a big beautiful family. Three believing children, 14 grandchildren who all know about Jesus Christ and 11 grandchildren (with at least one more on the way). The love in this family and the good they project out into the world, is unbelievable. The are part of the light that shines in the darkness. The are the hope to all of us out here struggeling. All the legacy of two people who walked the walk. As Margie's grandson so eloquently put it, Quentin ran the race Paul talks about. He ran it all the way home. If only the two of us can leave such a legacy. In our world today, David and I were very lucky to have a Quentin. We are surrounded by everything pulling us in other directions. To have this gentle friend with such great wisdom in our lives was a true blessing.
Thank you Quentin, for being in our lives. For taking time for us. For guiding us ever so gently. For loving us. We will dearly miss you until we will see you again and in the meantime do our best to take good care of your Margie.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And of course the cuteness of it all

What I am noticing most these days, is just how blessed I am. Being in this much smaller house is giving me so much more time with my children. Seeing their cuteness so much more up close, is just priceless. Right now Abigail is applauding herself and exclaiming "Yeah monkey, yeah duckey!" (This is because she put together 2 two-piece puzzles - one of a monkey, one of a duckey). How adorable is that? And in between the applause, there is the sweet singing she's been obsessed with lately (Oh my brother Jerry Gourd from the Veggie Tales to the melody of Oh My Darling).
Nathan is already in bed. He was sooooo very tired. But he had a wonderful day having his friends Carter and Jason here today for playgroup. We were so pleasantly surprised to see Nathan trying to entertain his guests and being genuinely concerned about them. He was very sweet, sharing his toys and leading the playing. And much to his joy, we had amongst all the healthy snacks, brownies. Of course that was the only snack he ate. :-) Oh well.
Children are truly a gift from God. Hopefully we will always remember to cherish them and love them so dearly every single day.

Crochet anyone?

I have found a new obsession (as though I needed any more besides Chai tea, knitting, quilting, pictures....). It's crochet. For Abigail's birthday I wanted to knit her something to play with and all the cool patterns were for crochet. So I got myself a $3 book at the store and have knitted a first hat (which looks funny but I do know why!). Crochet is so much faster than knitting so the instant gratification is even more instant. This of course opens a whole new avenue for Christmas presents. Be aware everyone...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

As the dust settles

This week was marked by sniffles and sneezes, flu shots, hurt backs, loads of "big ug mama" (abigail) and lots of "good night I love you-have a good night-night, good night I love you, have a good night-night" (nathan). We've all been feeling a bit drained and tired. I kept wondering what was going on until it occurred to me that we've only just moved, we had a wedding, we had visitors and a 3-week high-energy vacation. So this week we all took it slower than normal. The kids and I stayed home most of the week much to the delight of a wonderful daddy who loves to pop out of his office and play with his children and then gently kisses his wife to let her know how much he loves her. Although my back is still sore, I do feel somewhat re-energized and would love to stay home more often. We did get a lot done and the kids actually enjoy picking up their toys together singing Barney's "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share." And even though I don't feel as though I did all I could have done with the kids this week, it was still really good to stay home (and it sure saves money!). Another side effect: Nathan today for the first time knew all his letters! We've been working on them for months and today, he knew them all. I guess he no longer wanted to be in Abby's shadow. Speaking of Abigail, her sweet voice is coming through the baby monitor, talking to herself or maybe her bear? She is so very patient and just happy when she wakes up. If someone shows up to get her, all bonus. If we are lucky, she'll start singing one of her beautiful renditions of Rock-a-bye Baby or Sleep My Child. She's just all about the music. And so another little voice comes through the other baby monitor "mamaaa, mamaaa." Sleepy but definitely ready to get up.