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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And of course the cuteness of it all

What I am noticing most these days, is just how blessed I am. Being in this much smaller house is giving me so much more time with my children. Seeing their cuteness so much more up close, is just priceless. Right now Abigail is applauding herself and exclaiming "Yeah monkey, yeah duckey!" (This is because she put together 2 two-piece puzzles - one of a monkey, one of a duckey). How adorable is that? And in between the applause, there is the sweet singing she's been obsessed with lately (Oh my brother Jerry Gourd from the Veggie Tales to the melody of Oh My Darling).
Nathan is already in bed. He was sooooo very tired. But he had a wonderful day having his friends Carter and Jason here today for playgroup. We were so pleasantly surprised to see Nathan trying to entertain his guests and being genuinely concerned about them. He was very sweet, sharing his toys and leading the playing. And much to his joy, we had amongst all the healthy snacks, brownies. Of course that was the only snack he ate. :-) Oh well.
Children are truly a gift from God. Hopefully we will always remember to cherish them and love them so dearly every single day.

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