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Monday, October 26, 2009

Is sskaeri.

The kids are in the dark and therefore having funny facial expressions....

Today we carved our pumkins. No elaborate details this time, just relaxing. We started off with Ellie Krieger's yummy and healthy Chicken Parmigian. Hmmm. (And yes, I made a healthy yummy meal! Yeah!) Grampy joined us for dinner much to the delight of little ones around. After practicing some pumpkin faces on paper, David cut the pumpkins open and it was up the us remaining three to scoop them out. It quickly became clear that Nathan hated it (he ran to the bathroom to wash his hands) while Abby loved the yuk ("both hands mama!"). So Nathan helped David design and carve the pumpkins while Abigail and I scooped (well, I scooped and she squished). Grampy enjoyed his grandchildren and smirked often watching them. Abigail ended up abandoning me too after the third pumpkin. So when all the pumpkins were scooped out, Abigail and I worked on her pumpkin. She wanted it to be "sskaeri" (scary) like Nathan's. She was in such a funny mood because she hasn't been feeling well. So she was not feeling well, was for some reason overtired and into EVERYTHING. We had beads in the kit and we did her pumpkin with lots of beads and she wouldn't let go of the beads. She got obsessed with them and I had to tickle her for 30 seconds straight to loosen her grip on her treasure. Naturally she put tons of beads in her pumpkin and a gigantic mouth on the other side, no eyes, no nose. It was very sskaeri. We took pictures of Abigail and her pumpkin and then wanted to take a picture of Nathan with his scary pumpkin face. But Abigail would not leave his pumpkin. She kept pushing herself in the picture in front of Nathan with this photo-posing smile. Finally, after taking pictures of her with Nathan's pumpkin, we were able to get one of Nathan, all bored by now and leaving immediately after we took the picture. No second chances there. Then we put all the pumpkins on the table with Abby and Nathan and put candles in the pumpkins. When we turned the lights off, Abby sang "happy birthday to you" (we turn the lights off on birthdays when we bring the cake in). Oh so tired Abigail was so happy to go to sleep. After reading her a story, I sang her a song and while she layed in my arms, she sighed. How sweet. David and Nathan said good-night to Grampy who left and then David went to read Nathan a story. Happy pumpkin dreams.

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