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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today was a day of reflection for David and I because our dear friend Quentin had his memorial service today. The one thing about this wonderful sweet man that everyone kept saying over and over again was what a legacy he left. And that was nothing new to anyone who knows Quentin and sweet dear Margie, his wife of 53 years. Many times in my life (especially as a mother) I have honestly wondered what Margie would do in my shoes. Quentin and her are truly what David and I strive to become. Wonderful people, honest, hard-working, faithful but most of all God-honoring people who show their love for Christ in all they do. They have worked hard all their lives, not at building riches or fame. They have a big beautiful family. Three believing children, 14 grandchildren who all know about Jesus Christ and 11 grandchildren (with at least one more on the way). The love in this family and the good they project out into the world, is unbelievable. The are part of the light that shines in the darkness. The are the hope to all of us out here struggeling. All the legacy of two people who walked the walk. As Margie's grandson so eloquently put it, Quentin ran the race Paul talks about. He ran it all the way home. If only the two of us can leave such a legacy. In our world today, David and I were very lucky to have a Quentin. We are surrounded by everything pulling us in other directions. To have this gentle friend with such great wisdom in our lives was a true blessing.
Thank you Quentin, for being in our lives. For taking time for us. For guiding us ever so gently. For loving us. We will dearly miss you until we will see you again and in the meantime do our best to take good care of your Margie.

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