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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Two beautiful children all dressed up by Grampy and my crab appetizers a la Ellie Krieger

My contribution to the feast (made from scratch yeast rolls, baked bread - not from scratch, cranberry sauce - from scratch as well as corn casserole and sweet potato casserole):

If there is anything I know, it is how blessed I am. Although my human nature won't always let me enjoy that wisdom (such is human nature), I know that I am blessed every second of my life. Never once has even a doubt crept into my mind about this. And there aren't too many things I'm that sure of. Obviously David is the biggest blessing, then there are those two little beautiful babies in our lives, we are all healthy, our extended families we are thankful for (parents, siblings, their wives and girl-friends, Uroma). There are so many other things too: My bible. Church and having found one that you also love for your children. Also obvious would be Chai tea in all its various forms. Or lets just say a warm cup of tea that warms your body through and through. Knitting - the cheer pleasure it brings. Scrapbooking - what a marvelous way to keep track of your memories as well as that fabulous digital camera. Blogging is a great way to preserve memories. I love my little menthol lip balm, how it tingles on the lips. Comfy clothes, warm blankets and snuggly beds. Hugs and kisses. Yummy food. Laughter in our house. Warm wishes from friends on Thanksgiving via e-mail. Abigail and Nathan both brushing their teeth without any complaints (on the same day!!). Bread. My new fabulous slippers. A good pair of jeans. Knowing it's 8pm, the kids are in bed and you get to snuggle up on the couch with your wonderful hubby. Smoothies. Days when you really love eating lettuce and veggies. Oh, an all-time favorite: Christmas! Even better?? Snow on Christmas Eve. Heaven! Yarn that feels good, being able to make hand-made presents. Cooking! Quilts and making them. Sewing. Playing the piano. Learning. Christian music. Beth Moore and her bible studies. My friends. A small kitchen. Roses, dahlias or hydrangeas blooming in your garden. Potato soup and how much David loves it. Books. My tea cups. My purse. My marriage. The laptop. Little kids who are slowely becoming my kids' first friends. And yes, good Thanksgiving days like the one today. Family and friends at Russ' house with real yummy food. The kids had a blast and did really well, even without naps. Abigail charmed everyone and looked so darling in her little dress. Nathan just kept everyone busy and was such a good boy. He got a whistle from Kevin and had so much fun with it. So did Abigail. Not so much with the sound like Nathan but more with the air hole at the top blowing wind in her hair. Girls! David translated for me most of the day as I have laryngitis (oh what fun!) but he was so sweet. One time he ran to the store for me and got me a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks! Then he went on a search for Chlorasept. What a man. Thank you baby and I love you. I am VERY thankful today.

The feast: Yummmm....

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