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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Busy Day

This was a good day. I got tons done. For some reason I measure my worth in items checked off my list. I'm an achievement oriented person. The reasonable side of me tells me this is crazy but yet, what can I say? Since the clocks were turned back, the kids had off mornings. Nathan woke up at 7am (which was really 8am to him) and was in a very good mood. His mood only improved by Abigail sleeping in until 8am (he loves full attention). Once everybody had their Lucky Charms (I know, sugar in the morning....), had their teeth brushed and hair in order (quite a feat for Abigail today...), we were off to the store where Nathan had a melt-down half the time but then did really good. We were prepared with isle-by-isle shopping list and a meal plan for the week, including some snacks! How often does this happen? Got home, got lunches ready while the kids played with each other outside. Had a good lunch and then the kids went down for a nap. During their naps I tackled by 2 months laundry pile to be ironed. :-) Most of that got done even though Abigail decided not to nap. Nathan woke up with a slight fever. Nevertheless, he was in a good mood. Made from scratch potato soup much to my hubbies delight. Hmmmm. Hot potato soup (not so much what the kids would say...). Got loads of laundry done somewhere in between, a stroller cleaned, a shelf cleaned, dishes done, played with each one of the kids. Now I'm tired and am so looking forward to spending time knitting and watching TV with my wonderful husband who loves my potato soup. :-) A beautiful fall day with sunshine. What more could you ask for? Thank you God, for everything.

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  1. I love my you and our children more than anything in this world. You are such an amazing wife and mother. Thank you for everything.

    Love yous,