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Monday, November 16, 2009


To Abigail after she kept throwing his puzzle pieces down: "Are you not my friend anymore."

"The poblice is going to get the bad guys and then I'll beat them (bad guys) up!"

"Why did you put that on my plate? I don't like that!" (every night...)

"good-night-I-love-you-have-a-good-night-night, good-night-I-love-you-have-a-good-night-night!"

"I need some Lucky Charms to help me feel better." (with sad face but he couldn't keep it up and busted up laughing"

"I'm not having a good day/night-night"

"I'm a big, bad dada ______ (t-rex, crocodile, etc.....)."

banania - banana

Older ones:

At first meeting with new moms club he yells across the playground: "We're pirates and we're going to kill Abby."

"I very, very love you."

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