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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Really Good Meal

In my quest to deliver healthy, yummy and home-cooked from scratch meals at least three times a week, today's menu brought chicken pot pies from Ellie Krieger. It took me quite a while to get everything going, the chopping, the browning of meat, etc. So dinner didn't get on the table until about 7pm, at least one hour late. However, tonight for some reason, nobody did mind. Nobody was starving hungry and both Nathan and Abigail played nicely the whole time I cooked. After I had prepared the filling for the pot pies, I knew it would be good from the delicious smells that rose from my pot. I put the filling in my favorite bowls that actually work in the oven too (so now I love them even more!). They were then layered with phyllo dough and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. In the oven they went when I realized I barely used any of the phyllo dough. A split-second decision was made to make Ellie Krieger's apple-cranberry triangles as well since I had all the ingredients. But there wasn't enough time. Until my cute husband announced that he was done working and he'd help me. It was soooooo incredibly neat to be cooking/baking with him. We prepared apples side by side and we learned that David is a counter hog. :-) I oiled all the phyllo dough while he filled the triangles and folded them with detailer's precision. With his help, I was able to not only get the dessert done, but also enjoyed the process all the much more. I love being in the kitchen with my wonderful man. We served the kids dinner. Loved the pot pie while David felt it was above average but not fantastic. Nathan after much negotation finally tried the chicken from the pot pie (he hates the veggies and the potatoes), then proceeded to inhale it. Never thought he inherited that trait from me but apparently it's there. :-) Abigail withheld her vote as she had filled up on "lil tscheez" (shredded cheese). The dessert was much anticipated (Nathan was so anxious) and the phyllo dough just wouldn't brown. Until my smart and handsome husband noticed that I had turned the oven off.... After we finally had our little works of love in our hands and sank our teeth into them, we all unanimously liked them. Even David and that is not usally what I would picture him eating. Made me feel so incredibly good to have made such a good meal for my family that was so thoroughly enjoyed. And to top it all off, I didn't just get the "Good night I love you have a good night-night, good night I love you have a good night-night" from Nathan (and yes, there are no commas in that sentence when he says it), the little voice proclaimed it six times! While closing his door, the usual tiny voice across the hallway greeted me with the always loved "I louv yiou!". But in addition, there was also an "I so prouds of yiou!" added to it. I was too. :-)

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  1. Oh and it was ever so good. I even ate 2 more this morning. Tried to eat more later, but no, you and mom had to eat the rest. Did I tell you today how much I love you? I LOVE YOU ABUNCHLE!