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Friday, November 6, 2009

Sweet Thing

Today Abigail woke up with a stiff neck. Although she is fine, she is definitely in pain and cannot make certain movements. She's been a tough little cookie all morning and when things get very hard for her, she's been pleased to see Barney and Baby Bop show up on TV. She even put up with an episode of Nathan's Dinosaur Train. As her naptime approached, not feeling well made getting tired even worse. In our bedtime routine, I usually hold her like a baby and we sing a song together. That was not possible today. So I held her close to me while she was sitting, tugging her head in my chest, looking for comfort. While she was trying to hide, I started to sing her Rock-A-Bye-Baby. She usually sings with me but today she just wasn't feeling well. She hid under my hair (which she really likes lately) and snuggeled herself even more into me. Then from way under my hair, a little tiny voice came forth. Such a sweet moment. To be able to comfort your hurting child and then to be reminded of just how sweet and precious the little things are, was wonderful.

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