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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Very Happy Birthday

This year's birthday cake was a Barney cake (her favorite show) with German marshmallows in pink mice shapes and colored gum drops.

The birthday girl, all cute.

Apparently that cake was good. :-)

Abigail with the hat I had knitted her and the hat I had knitted for her bear.

A very proud daddy with his cute little girl and her two hats:

Yesterday was Abigail's second birthday. Wow, two years have come and gone. It's crazy how fast the time passes when you have children.
The morning started by David and I anxiously waiting for our baby girl to wake up. But no sound was heard through the baby monitors. Nathan started to stir and when David sneezed downstairs, we heard a happy "bless yiou dada" from Abigail's baby monitor. So we rushed upstairs, picked up Nathan and then picked up the birthday girl, while serenating her the first of many "happy birthday" songs. She quickly caught on and wished everyone a "happy birthday" as well. In the late morning Matze and Mandy skyped with us and got many laughs watching the kids. They told us about their new place that they are so excited to move into. My mom was next on the skype list and the kids had a blast opening her package (probably not as much as I had though). While the kids napped I finished frosting the Barney cake and made my two casseroles as well as my bread. The kids just love it when everyone's here because they never run out of people to play with them. Nathan likes to re-inact scenes from movies (Bambi, Cars) or stories (david and goliath, Rikki Tikki Taffi) with lots of freedom of interpretation. :-) Abigial just likes to be around people and talk to them or be carried around. It was a very wonderful evening with loads of presents, good food, ok cake and great company.
But how has this little girl changed our lives? She's definitely brought more gentleness and kindness into our world. We are living with constant music and she loves to sing. She's always bouncing, jumping and dancing. Her constant companions are a little worn pink bear (which Grampy gave to her on the day she was born) and a little lamb called "lamby" (given by Matze and Mandy). She's a giver of hugs and kisses ("big one!" and "ohhh"). She makes our hearts melt with her little smile, her big eyes and the smile in her big eyes. She's a red-head for sure: She knows what she wants and how to get it. She's got temperament. There is a chance she'll be trouble when she gets older, but hopefully, she'll always be as sweet as she is now. We love you Abigail. Happy Birthday.

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