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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Aftermath

Christmas was just beautiful this year. On Christmas Eve Dave's best man Kevin came over and gave some presents to our kids. He likes to give them gifts that would annoy parents such as 100 plastic balls or crying baby dolls. However, Abby's baby doll is really cute and we are not annoyed. :-) The kids loved playing with him and Abigail adores him (as she does with most people she knows to be honest). She gets very attached to her peeps! :-) Nathan always enjoys seeing Kevin. He also enjoys talking to Kevin about his pick-up truck and his motorcycle. Much to Kevin's dismay, Nathan likes to re-enact Kevin's "accident" he had in our driveway.

Either way, after the visit, we had a little mishap with dinner. To say the least, it wasn't as festive as I had hoped and let's just leave it at that. :-) We still had a fabulous evening together with just the four of us. We "unwrapped" baby Jesus' gift from us to him. Then we caroled while the kids accompanied us on a music table they got from my friend Karen. It definitely didn't sound pretty, but we loved every minute of it! The kids didn't even grow tired of it, it held their attention through various songs. We basked in the dim and colorful lights of Christmas, lit candles all throughout the house, watched a Christmas show and just spent time with each other. It was perfect. After the kids went to sleep (and that was hard for Nathan) David and I spent comfy cozy time together for the rest of the evening.

The next morning was probably the last Christmas Day morning that we'll ever wake up before our kids do. We had to wait until 7:30am!! But we spent the time listening to Christmas songs and watching a Yule Log burn on TV. :-) We explored our stockings and opened Santa's present that he left in celebration of Jesus' birthday. Read the letter Santa left and made sure there were cookie crumbs left and that he had drank his milk. Santa did a fabulous job choosing stocking stuffers and gifts. However, we didn't have much time and packed to go to Grampy's house. The pictures below will re-tell most and they are actually going backwards in time, so bear with me. :-)

My wonderful husband's so very thoughtful gift: A donating to charity bag David will mount to a wall. I have permission to raid his wallet at will and put all cash in the bag. Once a month the kids and I will choose what to do with the funds. I love this. Probably the best gift ever!

Santa is so thoughtful too. He knows my affection for cherry pockets and cherry streussels. I heart Santa!

Some of our favorite Christmas CD's and I think David's favorite overall. Nathan is so much like his daddy. He's running around the house imitating that deep beautiful voice of Mr. Armstrong. Like father, like son.

Tired babes toward the end of a very eventful day. Love it when they are so cuddly.

Grampy is very fond of cuddly babies as well. :-) Here are two overtired angels, probably giving Grampy the best Christmas present.

Abigail liked being a Rudolph for about 2 minutes but this is a cute picture of her and her uncle. (And yes, she has him wrapped all around her little finger. A sad face and a wimper will make him do whatever Abigail wants.)

Rudolph the red-eyed reindeer????

Nathan is very fond of Rudolph and "Abigail" got him this for his present. It's a light-up Rudolph nose. As you can see, he was very happy.

Even the deer visited. What a peaceful sight to see these beautiful animal just sit down and feel so save.

How can one little girl make such a mess with so little chocolate????

Grampy's "edible" Christmas tree. He loves the idea of having the kids go and grab candy off the tree whenever they want.

Grampy's stockings.

Santa left mommy a ton of wax tarts! Since Santa had a budget, he hid them in everyone's stockings so that mommy could have them despite the budget. That Santa!

Stockings at our house.

What a start to a day! Little cutie pie in her Christmas PJs just smiling at us as she wakes up.

Santa left a letter for us after reading Nathan's and daddy's letter for him. He ate all his cookies and had his milk.

Nathan and Abigail making music.

Our beautiful manger made by my husband who has taken this on after my brother Matze "handed" down the tradition my father was so proud of. Thank you baby for doing this every year! The kids loved it and this year Nathan really got into it.....

.....Maybe a little too much? :-) We laughed when we discovered this the next morning.

Lit up.

Definitely a memorable Christmas. Hopefully one that at least Nathan will remember and that will put down the groundwork for many to come. Hopefully we taught him about Jesus, God, to help other and to end it with a peaceful and joyful celebration. And added many traditions that they will cherish.

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