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Monday, December 7, 2009

All Things Christmas-y

My mom sends tons of sweet treats for the Christmas. These are all things I grew up with and they instantly make me feel like a child at Christmas when I just smell them. Here are just a few of them. Lebkuchen is a very yummy treat. It's like a gingerbread (very soft) and comes with all kinds of variations. These are chocolate coated.

Christmas treats from my mom all the way from Germany. Marzipan, a German Christmas staple. She likes to send me Marzipan "potatoes". I can never stop eating them....

It has becme a tradition to go see the lights on the raceway. We also all have our own Santa or elf hats and slippers. On our way to the raceway lights and there:

It's been so busy lately between all things Christmas-y that I haven't been able to write it down as fast as it has been happening. And I really wanted to keep good track of the Christmas season. I've come to the conclusion that it's better to make the memories even if you cannot capture them all. It's been a VERY fun Christmas season. Nathan is so very excited this year. I decorated his room and he thanks me for it almost every night. We all love going out for a drive and look at lights that people put on for the season. Even Abigail gets excited yelling all the different colors of the lights around the gutters of houses. I think that is all she can see from her car seat..... Mostly, we've been doing so much as a family and that just feels so great. David has been able to steal more time at work than usual. Normally it is mostly overtime but this year he has made it a priority to take at least one day of the weekend off. David surprised me with going Christmas Show at the Expo Center, just me and him. That was followed by a very nice dinner. With the kids we've gone to wildlife refuge a few times, the International Raceway with Grandma, looking at lights with Grampy, getting a Christmas tree and decorating the house, baking cookies and making crafts. It's been really magical.

Another treat of the season: Lots of Christmas TV shows for these TV-starved children.

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