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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all and Froehliche Weihnachten!!!

At our house, we adore Christmas. Something that has been instilled in us by our parents and that we are proud to pass on to our children. It's been a busy season and here are some of the highlights.

Penguins made for grandma by the kids out of water bottles, craft foam, eyes, and fabric scraps:

My yearly treat from David's company for doing their books for free! I love Starbucks chai tea lattes and this is a yearly treat I cherish. Thanks guys!

Another craft project. Edible Christmas ornaments made out of hard candy. Instructions can be found on if you search for the Edible Christmas ornaments by the Neely's. Great idea for my candy-obsessed children! They are now hanging from grampy's tree and I have to say, although we couldn't find jolly ranchers, these peppermint candies came out really nice.

Abby pouting (she's not really, she's practicing again). Abigail practices different facial expressions, tone of voice, etc. :-) It's hilarious but I'm sure will backfire on us in the teenage years. In her pretty little dress with her pretty little elf hat. Who wouldn't want an elf that cute???

Couldn't resist this christmas nightgown. Loved seeing my little curly haired red-head running around in it.

Christmas tree ornaments. This was really a fun project and the kids love it. They painted, glued and made a mess. Nathan's are the ones with little ornaments on them. He's a purist. Abby just put them whereever I was willing to put glue. This was one of our first projects where the kids worked with each other and where very patient. Fond memories.

Nathan proudly showing off his creations.

No Christmas season should be complete without the messiness of a good ol' gingerbread house. The kids had a BLAST decorating this and eating half the candy while doing so. Our dentist would not be proud.... They had so much fun though. One thing we learned, Nathan does NOT like peppermint candy.

A sight more often seen our house lately. The kids are playing more and more with each other every day. Here they are playing "sleeping", one of Abigail's favorite games. She loves to pretend to sleep. Nathan's favorite game currently is to re-enact the newest show he's seen on TV or story he's read. That currently is either Wall-E or Disney's Prep and Landing, a show about two elves needed to prep a home for Santa's arrival. They have been allowed to watch a whole lot more TV these days. Usually they won't see much TV at all, so Nathan has been enjoying every minute of it and is still not tired of it. Their favorite TV shows are Fireman Sam and Word World.

My other cute elf, oh sorry, I meant handsome. He's been wearing a lot of hats lately. Either this one or a military hat he got from my brother Matze (that is especially when he's pretending to be the elf from Prep and Landing mentioned above). Nathan is VERY excited about Christmas this year. It should be oh so very exciting for us to watch. Not sure he'll be able to sleep tonight.

Oh, and the best thing??? David has 5 (!!!!!) days off. How awesome and amazing is that? When does that happen? The poor man always works. So to say that I'm thrilled is an understatement. I cannot wait for tonight, when it's dark outside, the Christmas lights are on,t he tree lit, the little eyes glowing, music playing. It'll be heavenly. Peace and joy and goodwill to men. No better way to say it, no better way to deliver it than through a babe in a manger. Hope you all have a blessed Christmas.

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