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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

That Nathan

Nathan said something funny at Christmas and I forgot to mention it: While skyping (free video conferencing via the internet) with my brother Matze and my mom, Nathan and Abigail opened their Christmas presents from my family in Germany. My mom sends huge boxes with lots of goodies, so I sometimes lose the kids in this endeavor. :-) Nathan had unpacked two Playmobil figurines that he loves and couldn't tear himself away from them any longer. However, I tried to get him to pay attention as to what else my mom had sent. Yes, I'm still delusional like that. :-) So I took a bath towel out of the box and asked him to take a look at it. He came over, obviously torn to step away from his beloved Playmobil knights. He grabbed the towel, pressed it into his chest as if it was a long-wished for treasure, exclaimed "I love it!!!", turned around and threw it in the corner. It was so funny. We've never seen him do anything like that and couldn't help but laugh about it.
The next day when we were celebrating Christmas at Grampy's house, it came time for him to open a pirate ship he's been wanting for months. (Disclaimer: I put up with it because the only pirates he knows are the Veggie Tales or Little People, so all pirates are good.) Anyways, he loves the Little People ship he got from my mom last year and he's been eyeing this new one at the store for a while now. When his uncle got it for him, he was so excited and yelled: "It's what I've always wanted." It's just so funny to hear your child exclaim those words for the first time. Especially one usually unemotional 3-year old. Calm and collected may be a thing of the past and excitement is now the thing. It's too cute.
And while Nathan is exploring all these new feelings, faked or real, Abigail herself has entered the whiny stage. :-) As I've previously mentioned, she used to practice cry faces and sounds in any reflective wall item. Now we know for what. That girl can break anyone down with the whiny-crying face and sounds, except her dad who aludes her manipulative powers. That's when she non-stop whines for mommy. But do not fear! We are taking precautions and putting an end to it right away!

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