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Saturday, December 12, 2009


This year David and I want to make sure we establish Christmas traditions with our littles ones. So far, it's been a wonderful season. We try to do crafts, bake, make delicious foods, have lots of cocoa (with whipped cream as per Nathan), watch Christmas movies (Nathan loves Rudolph while Abigail just wants to watch "Firefighter Sam" or "Barney" - not Christmas related), go to see Christmas lights, make presents for others, give to Salvation Army every time we shop at Fred Meyer, hopefully find some snow, decorate the tree together, put up our manger, read Christmas stories, listen to lots of Christmas music. Some things we are already to busy for but others we will still definitely do. Even the ones we miss, such as a live manger scene due to cold weather, are at least going on a list for next year. We still have to decide what to put on our yearly engraved ornament and order it. We still have to decide what gift to give to Jesus on Christmas Eve (my favorite tradition). We'll still have to help grampy decorate the tree and many more presents to make. I will still meet with my dear friends Karen and Margie for lunch. We will still put up our manger and put the angel on top of the tree. Still need to bake loads of cookies and eat them. :-) Most of all we need to do lots more relaxing with lights turned off, Christmas lights on and just enjoy the glow of the season. That is my favorite memory of Christmas as a child: Sitting in front of the lit tree in a dark room, seeing snow piled high outside the window, the manger peacefully depicting the scene of Jesus' birth and just being with my family and feeling peace, joy, and wonderful stillness.

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  1. I love my wife more and more every single day. I appreciate everything that you do for our little family. You are doing a wonderful job raising our kids. One thing though, you forgot to mention that we need to hang up the stockings.

    Love yous alottle,