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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where Have All The Curls Gone?

Our curly-haired girl woke up a few days ago and ever since has curls no longer. It's the strangest thing and I have even been accused by insane uncles that I was flat-ironing Abigail's hair. She looks so totally different. My mom had predicted this all along but we all didn't see it coming overnight. So it will be interesting to see if this is temporary and she will return to her Shirley Temple curls or if the curls are truly gone.
While the curls themselves were somewhat challening, with them being gone, her hair in the back is quite a disaster. :-) It is not curly anymore but doing it's own weird thing and is not to be tamed. She also sleeps on her back faithfully which makes the hair situation more difficult. Once her hair will grow in a lot more and it'll get longer, I can see already how beautiful it could be. Even with the super straight hair, it only underlines the golden shine in her red hair. It's gorgeous. Now I just have to learn how to make little girls' hair. :-)

Update 12/18/09: This was just a temporary thing. Apparently when it got super cold here, there was so much static electricity in the air (picking up a blanket was met with electric shock...). A friend of mine pointed out to me that this would be making abby's fine hair straight. And she was right. As soon as normal wet weather returned, so did the curls. Strange, uh?

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