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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Rock

When I have those down days, my husband is my absolute rock. He listens, holds me and is just there for me in so many ways. Hopefully I can always return the favor when he needs me. Love you so much!


Nathan: My tonsils are hurting (pointing to his tonsils).
Uncle Chris: You are pretty smart. I didn't know where my tonsils where when I was your age.
Nathan: You should have just called me, I would have told you!
Silly uncles.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Story

Abigail: Mama! Can I read a story? (Imagine that all "s" sounds are lisped).
Mommy: Please read me a story!
Abigail: There once was a tiny little momma and a liiidle Abigail. The end. (Big smile).
Too cute.

Nathan telling me something about something being really cute.
Mommy: You are too cute!
Nathan: I'm handsome! Boys aren't cute!
Too cute too. Ahem... handsome I mean. :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Makes Me A Better Mom?

Watching my wonderful husband playing and interacting with our beautiful children. He is such a great dad. Even after long days at work and stressful days, he comes out and just eats up the small moments with his children. And if I'm tempted to get carried away with work, he quickly reminds me to seize the moment and play "skunk hunt". Skunk Hunt is a game invented by Nathan that strangely enough has absolutely nothing to do with skunks. However, porcupines are involved. The porcupines must be found by dada (not hunted as we were told later on, so I guess the game has nothing to do with hunting either). They usually have a hurt tooth or a hurt tummy that can only be cured with a shot from the "pocking doctor" played by mama. The "pocking doctor" is what Nathan "lovingly" refers to when reminded of his worst experience in his little life: The ER doctor who had to "poke" him with various needles to find out what was wrong with him. So whenver we want to discourage dangerous behavior, we warn of the visit to the "poking doctor." Didn't I swear I wasn't going to do that???
And also, thank you God for creating such beauty around us! I was driving to the next town today totally stressed out due to an accounting roadblock. Put on some Christian music, started listening to the words and with such a beautiful day, it wasn't hard to look around me and see the gorgeous creation we live in. Calmness and peace just flooded me and I became so grateful to God and felt recharged. Love those moments. And that makes me a better mom too. :-)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beautiful Memories

My ever so romantic husband found a box in our house that contained our 8mm video tapes. After a long search, we found the camera that went along with it. So David hooked it up to our TV and we've been watching old tapes of where we've been and what we've done the first few years of our marriage (the camera was a wedding present). We've seen some pretty wild hair on my part for one - it's hard to imagine that I left the house with that do! But what I notice most in those videos is how much this man of mine loves me. He always has. I felt so loved watching those videos and re-energized to put that little extra into our daily lives. Thank you, Baby! That was a great idea and some wonderful memories we've made. I can't wait to see what the future holds in store for us and maybe, just maybe, we'll watch crabs on the sandy beaches of Hawaii again some day.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Projects and Other Things

I've been trying to balance my time between getting rooms finished, recycling projects and getting rooms organized. We still have boxes to unpack from moving and the curtain rods never went up. Since Twig broke our blinds and is determined to rip them all, curtains are hopefully going to go up soon. But first of all, here is the main attraction: This little dragon has been loving to dress up lately. Here is his dragon outfit that he doesn't use much, it is really an Abigail favorite.

Whew! This dragon was tamed with a magic potion of milk and a secret strawberry flavored mix. No whipped cream was harmed in the making of this drink.

Goodwill had various cheap box shelves that I bought and spray-painted black. They are great to store odd-shaped toys and memorabilia that are otherwise maybe in the way or hard to display. Nathan loves his yellow duck storage hanger from Oma (left corner hanging fromt the ceiling). At the old house we had this yellow/red plastic hanger thing that I mounted to Nahan's wall and hung all his dress-up clothes. He frequently plays knights, pirate, fire fighter now.

Finally! Some curtains are up. This is the window in our master bedroom bath upstairs. I LOVE these curtains that my mom sent.

This matching curtain is right outside the master bedroom bath. It just looks so much prettier! The little sailboat is what Nathan got me for Christmas.

We have all these plastic containers I never know what to do with: Playdough, yogurt, sour cream, etc. So I painted these with acrylic paint and then used the kids' stickers on them with Mod Podge (love that stuff!). The glue is a decoupage medium, it keeps the stickers or paper on the tub and also creates a sort of seal over them. After they were all dried I gave them to the kids who loved them. Abigail got the Tinker Bell fairies while Nathan got Cars stickers. Nathan went right away and put all his Cars cars in the big tin.

Oh! And tonight is date night! Dave and I are going to see Sherlock Holmes while Chris and Lorena watch the kids. Soooooo excited!
Plus another Nathan original: Nathan doing the I-Have-To-Go-To-The-Potty dance but doesn't want to miss anything.
Mommy: Nathan, why don't you go potty.
Nathan: I don't have to.
Mommy: But you are dancing because you have to go.
Nathan (moving closer toward Grampy): Oh no, I'm just dancing for Grampy.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girls Night In While The Guys Head Out

Abigail busy doing stickers, one of her favorite crafts (other than crayons). Notice the intensity of her face.

Short break, reading with the Tag system. There is always time for a good book.

Abigail's Valentine's Day cards printed with cookie cutters:

Clay hearts that Abigail cut out with the same cookie cutter.

Sticky buns. They tasted better than they looked. :-)

Our gift bagies that we made. Even Grandma helped out.

David and I decided to make "date nights" with our kids every other week. One week David and Nathan will do something together while Abigail and I have fun together and two weeks later we'll switch so that Nathan will do something with me and Abigail gets daddy-time.
Nathan's first date with dada had to be a movie. They both love watching movies. Since Nathan recently discovered the chipmunks and there just happens to be a "squeekel" or sequel in the movie theaters. Lucky him! Plus, Nathan adores popcorn. So this was a must on the guys' side.
On our end, I planned some crafts for us girls alongside some freshly baked sticky "buns". Grandma was able to join us too which was really neat. So we ended up making Valentine's Day hearts with red clay that Abigail had picked out. While Grandma and I tried to soften the stuff and rolled it out for her, she took pleasure in cutting the shapes with a cookie cutter and taking them out and then placing them on a baking sheet. Once she was done, she was done though. We also made Valentine's Day gift baggies for playgroups and cards with heart stamps (we used a heart cookie cutter to dipped in tempera paint). Nothing more girlie than glitter right? So we added glitter while the paint was still wet on our cards. It must be torture on a girl to not be able to do the glitter herself though. Abigail wanted so badly to use the glitter but mommy wouldn't allow the messy girl to handle such fragile goods that can never be removed once let lose in the house. This was hard to bear but she managed. After all, it was still fun to stamp the cards with hearts and watch mommy sprinkle them with the pixie dust.
Once the guys came home, we listen to their exciting trip and then proudly displayed our works of art. Nathan wasn't able to sleep until about 10pm, 2 hours past his regular time. He layed in his bed and just sang in his chipmunk voice (which is where you cannot understand a word he says - much like the real ones....). All in all, a very successful day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Picture Upload

The kids discovered a drawer in Nathan's dresser with all of their dress-up stuff. So they went ahead and dressed up. Apparently we have to have a few lessons on that....

Our first Muffin Tin Monday (on a Thursday). Since both kids love the chipmunks right now, that was our theme. Nuts, apples, and we didn't have waffles, so toast instead. I figured chipmunks would like ham, fruit leather and tomatoes? :-) The kids loved it and gobbled it up!

It took a while for them to take it all in and I wasn't sure if they'd like it. They had me in suspense.

Stylish outfit from Oma.

Nathan dressed as a "chipmunk" although he couldn't find his Daniel Boone racoon tail hat, so this one had to do. He is Simon, in case you didn't guess that.

For some reason our kitchen counter has become mighty popular. Here is Abigail occupying it.

Super-cute thights, thanks to Oma!

Twig loves to lay like this. The box didn't fall on him, he actually squeezes in and rests there upon his throne, overlooking all the peasants.

Abigail all dressed up. Nathan's glasses and his hat that I knitted for him.

There has been a lot of dressing up. Here is the pirate. He's growling in case you can't hear it. And it most definitely is a fearsome growling, don't let the cute face fool you.
Daddy and Abigail playing in the castle

Awesome castle, courtesy of Oma!

Abigail LOVES to draw. For some reason her creative side needs to sit on top of our dining room table now.

We had a day of snow! Look at the cute snowsuit Abby has. Nathan was soooooooooooo excited. Abby at least didn't hate it this year. Last year she was so little and not walking that well yet, that the snowsuit was just unmanageable. She'd fall constantly and as a result, hated it, cried and just wanted to go inside. Nathan has always loved snow, ever since his very first encounter going outside with daddy. The snow wasn't high but it was as high as his knees. Nathan was walking very early (7 1/2 months) so it was just too cute to see that little tiny man in his snowsuit when winter came around.

How cute is Abby's snowsuit? It's a kitty.

A little kitty tail on the back of the snowsuit. :-) Actually it looks more like a bunny from the back. The face on the front looks like a kitty but I guess it could be a bunny too. Either way, really adorable.

Nathan pretending to sleep.

Abigail not feeling well (molars coming in) and snuggeling with her daddy who just soaks it up.

Abigail's first attempts to drink out of a cup. We abandoned the task for now as she is still very messy but it got her all excited about orange juice. Wish I would have thought about that with Nathan who won't touch any juice or anything but milk and maybe applejuice.

Sunday, January 10, 2010



Nathan: I'm the fastest ever!
Mommy: Daddy is faster than you.
Nathan: No, he isn't! I'm super-fast.
Mommy: Daddy is definitely faster.
Nathan: I'm faster than a car!
Mommy: No, you're not.
Nathan: Yes, I am!

Nathan after waking up from a nap: "Mommy! I missed you while I was sleeping."


After she broke something off Nathan's ship and was holding it in her hand: "Oh, noo! It broke! Nathan broke it!"

After I called Nathan "Sweety": "Mommy, I'm the sweety!"

After her uncle Chris told her to be a good girl: "You be a good girl!"

Friday, January 8, 2010

So It All Comes Together

Today a wonderous thing happened yet again in our house. Nathan and Abigail who are slowly starting to play with one another where playing separately downstairs. Nathan always looks to the adults for playmates first and we've been trying to teach him that Abigail is great to play with as well. However, she is not always wanting too. She adores her brother but he just doesn't like to play quietly with music but rather rough-houses and prefers cars.
This morning Nathan was especially bored and wanted someone to play with. He kept asking me and I needed to say no since I had already spent time with him and needed to get housework done (yes, I am justifying myself to you...). :-) Nathan got up and yelled at Abigail "You are going to play with me upstairs!" Abigail returned an equally loud: "No!" So the back-and-forth of "Yes!" and "No!" began and just as I thought I needed to step in, Nathan went over to grab Abigail's hand and said firmly to her "Come with me to play upstairs." She replied ever so sweetly "Thank you, Nathan. Thank you." Floored I watched as my children hand-in-hand walked past, went upstairs and peacefully started to play together. Nice. Warms the heart.

Bible Lessons Well Learned

A few days ago a strange incident happened. I was filled with pride and yet at the same time strangely feeling that something went wrong. At breakfast, Abigail asked me to give her some of my Fruitloops. I assured her that I would after she ate her cereal. I continued to eat my breakfast, had good conversation with my children and was then sitting while they were still eating. After a while Abigial asked for some of my cereal again when the realization came that it was all gone. Not thinking about it, I had just eaten all of my cereal. On my way to the kitchen Nathan asked "Why didn't you save any for Abby?" Assuring him that it was an autopilot kind of mistake and I had simply forgotten to give them to Abby and just ate them all myself. Nathan was very concerned about this and asked (or stated): "But mommy, Jesus wants us to think of others first!" So true! There it was, spiritual wisdom out of my little one's mouth! :-) As I said, pride that he learned such an important lesson and "what just went wrong here" welled up at the same time. Guess it's a rite of passage for any parent...

Saturday, January 2, 2010


To say that the last few days have been exhausting just about wraps up how I feel right now. But! I have taken down all the Christmas decorations! That is a feat in our house since we have 18 boxes of them! The only thing left is to pack up the manger and take all the boxes back in the attic (thanks so much David!). The tree is gone too thanks to the Boy Scouts.

Now the task of spring cleaning begins. I actually am looking forward to it. Since we've moved only a few months ago, it also means decorating and streamlining. Have lots of ideas but we'll see how long it will take me to actually do them. :-) And I need much more ideas, especially for my little kitchen. Will keep everyone posted on updates with before and afters.

In the meantime, to overcome my tiredness and to be refreshed when little munchkins wake up, Paula Dean is speaking to me in a soothing voice and of all things, is baking! I'll make myself a chai tea latte and relax with my kitty who is anxiously waiting for a lap to lay in. The only thing missing is a hubby who unfortunately has to work. But life is good.