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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bible Lessons Well Learned

A few days ago a strange incident happened. I was filled with pride and yet at the same time strangely feeling that something went wrong. At breakfast, Abigail asked me to give her some of my Fruitloops. I assured her that I would after she ate her cereal. I continued to eat my breakfast, had good conversation with my children and was then sitting while they were still eating. After a while Abigial asked for some of my cereal again when the realization came that it was all gone. Not thinking about it, I had just eaten all of my cereal. On my way to the kitchen Nathan asked "Why didn't you save any for Abby?" Assuring him that it was an autopilot kind of mistake and I had simply forgotten to give them to Abby and just ate them all myself. Nathan was very concerned about this and asked (or stated): "But mommy, Jesus wants us to think of others first!" So true! There it was, spiritual wisdom out of my little one's mouth! :-) As I said, pride that he learned such an important lesson and "what just went wrong here" welled up at the same time. Guess it's a rite of passage for any parent...

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