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Friday, January 8, 2010

So It All Comes Together

Today a wonderous thing happened yet again in our house. Nathan and Abigail who are slowly starting to play with one another where playing separately downstairs. Nathan always looks to the adults for playmates first and we've been trying to teach him that Abigail is great to play with as well. However, she is not always wanting too. She adores her brother but he just doesn't like to play quietly with music but rather rough-houses and prefers cars.
This morning Nathan was especially bored and wanted someone to play with. He kept asking me and I needed to say no since I had already spent time with him and needed to get housework done (yes, I am justifying myself to you...). :-) Nathan got up and yelled at Abigail "You are going to play with me upstairs!" Abigail returned an equally loud: "No!" So the back-and-forth of "Yes!" and "No!" began and just as I thought I needed to step in, Nathan went over to grab Abigail's hand and said firmly to her "Come with me to play upstairs." She replied ever so sweetly "Thank you, Nathan. Thank you." Floored I watched as my children hand-in-hand walked past, went upstairs and peacefully started to play together. Nice. Warms the heart.

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