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Saturday, January 2, 2010


To say that the last few days have been exhausting just about wraps up how I feel right now. But! I have taken down all the Christmas decorations! That is a feat in our house since we have 18 boxes of them! The only thing left is to pack up the manger and take all the boxes back in the attic (thanks so much David!). The tree is gone too thanks to the Boy Scouts.

Now the task of spring cleaning begins. I actually am looking forward to it. Since we've moved only a few months ago, it also means decorating and streamlining. Have lots of ideas but we'll see how long it will take me to actually do them. :-) And I need much more ideas, especially for my little kitchen. Will keep everyone posted on updates with before and afters.

In the meantime, to overcome my tiredness and to be refreshed when little munchkins wake up, Paula Dean is speaking to me in a soothing voice and of all things, is baking! I'll make myself a chai tea latte and relax with my kitty who is anxiously waiting for a lap to lay in. The only thing missing is a hubby who unfortunately has to work. But life is good.

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