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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Makes Me A Better Mom?

Watching my wonderful husband playing and interacting with our beautiful children. He is such a great dad. Even after long days at work and stressful days, he comes out and just eats up the small moments with his children. And if I'm tempted to get carried away with work, he quickly reminds me to seize the moment and play "skunk hunt". Skunk Hunt is a game invented by Nathan that strangely enough has absolutely nothing to do with skunks. However, porcupines are involved. The porcupines must be found by dada (not hunted as we were told later on, so I guess the game has nothing to do with hunting either). They usually have a hurt tooth or a hurt tummy that can only be cured with a shot from the "pocking doctor" played by mama. The "pocking doctor" is what Nathan "lovingly" refers to when reminded of his worst experience in his little life: The ER doctor who had to "poke" him with various needles to find out what was wrong with him. So whenver we want to discourage dangerous behavior, we warn of the visit to the "poking doctor." Didn't I swear I wasn't going to do that???
And also, thank you God for creating such beauty around us! I was driving to the next town today totally stressed out due to an accounting roadblock. Put on some Christian music, started listening to the words and with such a beautiful day, it wasn't hard to look around me and see the gorgeous creation we live in. Calmness and peace just flooded me and I became so grateful to God and felt recharged. Love those moments. And that makes me a better mom too. :-)

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