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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last week was get projects done week. All these little craft things have been laying around and just haven't gotten done. So here they are:

Nathan's lizard shirt I made for him. The template is from the internet (search for "lizzard template" and pick your favorite). I transferred it to cereal box cardboard and made a negative cutout. Then I used fabric paint stenciled on with a foam sponge.
Nathan was really excited until I told him that he had to wait for the paint to dry for 3 days. Suppose it isn't too much fun for a little guy to get a gift only to be told it cannot be played with or worn for a while.

Although Playdough (knete for the Germans) was not part of any particular to-do list, it is always part of my children's must-do list. The Playdough below is a reconstruction of the bad trees in Lord of the Beans, a Veggie Tales re-do of Lord of the Rings for children, also teaching Godly values. There are also bad sporks (fork & spork in the same instrument - genius!) (they are the bad guys), Randolph the wizzard (not a spelling error, it's not Gandolf here), some sort of berries the trees throw and a platform the wizard is trapped upon in the movie.

Here is my second attempt, this time with the cover of the DVD as my guide. Nathan got pretty excited. Nevertheless, when he was done playing, he squished my creations back into the Playdough container without any concern for their welfare.

Pretty little Abigail modeling her knew knitted cardigan. This is my first jacket that I knitted for Abigail. She was too cute during the picture taking, always trying to run away. Lately, whenever we ask her if she is our princess, ballerina, whatever, she will very sternly remind us: "Noo! I'm just Abigail." She calls this her "pretty jacket". As in "Mama, can I vear my pretty jacket?" Mama proudly nods and can't contain a smirk. Pattern is from (eyelet cardigan).

Back of the cardigan and yes, we are having a bad hair day! What's your point?????

How cute can one little girl be?? In her hair is the felt flower clip I made her. Searched for flower templates on the internet. Picked a peony one and cut the different layers from felt. Sewed them together with a button in the middle, then sewed the flower to a hair clip, being careful to only go through the bottom layer of the flower which is hidden by the top layers.

Stenciled the flowers on her shirt. Got the stencils from the dollar store. Used regular fabric paint and a foam brush to put it on. I did red first, then a whitish glitter paint.

Close-up of the red hair clip which she really liked. Figured it would be really cute too to clip to a belt loop on her jeans.

Daisy didn't want to be left out and is here sporting the same flower. It did look really nice on her but then Twig paid too much attention to her.

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