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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fabulous Lives of Nathan and Abigail

Here are some kid-specific updates. Nathan is sporting a new haircut. He always looks so cute when he gets a new haircut. He is the best kid to get a haircut. Always sits perfectly still and does exactly what Maggie (our wonderful hair stylist) tells him to do. His motivation most likely is Maggie's candy jar but whatever works. This child will do anything for candy. And yes, he's the one who didn't have any candy period until he was almost 2 years old. That backfired. Or he just inherited Grandma Lorena's sweet tooth. That is very possible.

Although not quite a lady's man, Nathan is getting a lot more social. He tries very hard to play with kids and since his dad and I have explained to him that wrestling other kids to the ground and loud yelling scares most kids, we are doing ok. :-) Here he is with the sweet little girl of a dear friend of mine who is trying very hard to get his attention. Unfortunately the TV was on and there was just no getting his attention anymore. Hopefully this will last until his early twenties.....

You think he's ready to dress himself? He is too kind though. The goggles he is wearing are also used by me for onion cutting. I cry, no let me re-state that, I sob when I cut onions. He kindly lets me lend them and as assured me that I may use them at any time.

Abigail with her beloved "blue" and "pink". Although there are now two "pink" in our house. She has been naming most things by color. However, some things like the "bear" and the "lamby" are still named by what they are. She's been very good with wearing clips in her hair which is getting longer. The white shirt she's wearing was a clearance sale item for only $2! My mama taught me well. :-) Doesn't Abigail look so incredibly grown up in this picture? She sure is getting big. It's still hard to find jeans for her that will stay up though. She is just a very skinny little thing.

How many things can Abigail carry at the same time? Millions. She loves to carry tons of stuffed animals and little creatures with her. Here she is pictures with "purple", her new flashlight from grandma, the beloved "lamby" (from Matze & Mandy), and the beloved "bear" from grampy is in this mix somewhere. Another much loved past-time is to sit in boxes. She must have learned that from Daisy who shares this fondness. Abigail will sit in my laundry basket (I'm lucky if it was already empty because otherwise it will be now), the toy box on top of all the toys in the box, or any boxes laying around the house such as this one.

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