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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I See How This Is Going To Go...

Nathan and Abigail were playing with Nathan being way too rough. After being warned, he proceeded nonetheless. So he went into time out. This displeased Abigail greatly because now she he had no one to play with. To remedy her dire situation, she yelled "No! No! No! Mama! Abigail ith yelling! Put me in time-out wif Natan!" Trouble ahead???

Today when I put Abigail in time out, she had picked up on a strategy that works for Nathan: "Mama, I want a hug." Since we've been through this with Nathan and I know this backfires, I told her: "Mama will give you a hug after time-out." She contemplated and then asked: "Mama! Can I haf snuggles?" We are in trouble!

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