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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A New Playground

We have a really great park system here and a nice website that leads us to them by the city. David discovered this new one not too far from our home. So we went on Friday night to check it out and then went again on Saturday morning last weekend. We went on a stroll on the trail first waiting for the sun to warm up a little first. Then we played for a loooooonnnnnnggg time much to the delight of little ones. Daddy was chasing them all over. We had lunch at the picnic benches and then played some more. We took the tired little monkeys home and let them snooze. We just had a great time and the weather was so perfect. Still a little chilli but mostly really nice. And there was just the perfect amount of people there, enough for the kids to interact with but not enough to make you feel claustrophobic. Nathan even tried playing with another boy and he made a really big effort but the kid kept avoiding him. David and I felt bad for him because he finally went out of his shell and then he caught a kid who didn't want to play.

Here is a tired daddy resting. The man twisted and jumped through spiderwebs, ran over multiple bridges, jumped like a mountain goat and always kept his son running. When he wasn't playing hard with Nathan, he was pushing Abigail on the swing. What a guy!

Abigail gave new purpose to the spiderweb and went underneath the maze instead of through it...

Cutie pie running through the play structure.

Nathan quickly learning what daddy taught him: This is a moving piece that Nathan is balancing on. Behind him is the big play structure. And yes, he loves to wear his hoodie even on sunny days. :-)

Nathan proudly displaying his fire truck iron-on from Oma. Thanks Oma!

These saucers are so much fun! You sit in them and they are deep so you'd have trouble getting out of them anyways. However, the added spice to this is that they spin and once you start, you can't stop! It gets momentum from your own weight and is hilarious. We caught a few kids stuck in there calling for their moms.

Daddy brought Nathan's bicycle and scooter. Daddy and I shared the scooter while Nathan would usually "race" us on the bike. Can you believe how big he is. Just a little while ago this bicycle (proudly sponsored by Grampy) was too big for him. Now it almost looks too small for his long legs.

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