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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Great Days Are Planned

Apparently great days are planned. :-) This is a realization I came to after this weekend. David and myself planned the whole weekend and it was fabulous! Not everything we planned came out the way we had thought but I think it was a great weekend and even more so, the kids enjoyed it.
Saturday David had planned a bike tour in one of our favorite spots. He planned it all and got all the bikes ready. Although we were an hour late getting there, we had perfect weather. David even took Nathan's little bike with us and he pulled that plus both kids and the carrier. Whenver Nathan wanted to, his fabulous daddy untied his bicycle and let him ride. Then, when the road got too steep for little legs or Nathan got tired, he'd tie the little bike back in only to untie it again shortly thereafter. Abigail definitely wanted to ride her own bike, so we'll have to teach her that this summer. She got a little frustrated at times that Nathan was allowed out and she wasn't. It was more likely a separation thing than being in the carrier. That has been a theme that has started. Nathan had a blast and held up really well. He learned quickly to watch out for others on the path. Whenver we got to a nice little resting area, we let the kids out of their little cart and let them run around. They quite enjoy throwing rocks and little twigs into the water. Abigail still wants to jump into the water, so that causes some concern. :-) On our halfway point there was a nice playground and the kids got to run around there and play with other kids. I've never seen any kid so focused on going up and down the same slide as Abigail. :-) After the playground, we drove around the park it was in and watched some fisherman as well as some ducks. That's when the kids started to get tired and we turned around to go back. Poor Dave was very sore afterwards after pulling all that weight behind him. He managed bravely though and the kids appreciated it so much.
After naptime, snacktime and bathtime, the little bugs greeted their oldest uncle who came to babysit them while David and I went on a very rare date night! We had a gift certificate to a restaurant that was about 30 minutes away from our house. When we finally got there, the wait was 80-90 minutes! Needless to say we didn't eat there. :-) But we had a wonderful time together and had great talks. It was really nice to be out with my awesome husband.
Today we went to our church and had a very interesting sermon. I love those days when it's time to sing the final song and you didn't even realize that the sermon was nearing its end. Our sermon today was on Hebrews 1:1-3 and it was a great sermon of how God has always communicated to us and still does and how Jesus was his ultimate way of communication to us. It made me understand John more when he says that the Word became flesh. It all made more sense. Through my Apples of Gold class we are getting to know a lot more people. It was funny because today for some reason a lot of the ladies sat all around us. It's nice to see familiar smiling faces that are so kind.
Afterwards. we went home for a little bit of playtime, a lunch and then naptime. While the kids slept I got everything ready for a craft, dinner and dessert (caramel apples that Nathan had requested after seeing them at the store). When the kids woke up and after snacks, we started our dolphin craft which was also something that came about after Nathan read a book about dolphins. Nathan and Abigail colored a big sheet of paper with cottonballs. The object was to paint a big ocean and some skyline. Apparently the ocean is VERY colorful, at least in Abigail's imagination. Nathan also added greens and the likes but he had explanations: green seaweed and a huge purple jellyfish population. Hmmm. Abigail didn't care how dirty she got, Nathan was concerned at the messyness of the cottonballs. It was an issue that had to be worked out. :-) While we were doing the craft, Daddy browned our ground beef for dinner. When he was done, mommy realized that she just gave Grandma all her potatoes needed for the dinner (like I said, not all went smooth). So daddy without a second thought got his shoes on and went to the store to save the day! Thanks my love! Making a layered casserole dish actually worked out great because the kids could help put it together. Nathan was really into this and stayed around to do the whole thing. Of course having daddy by his side gave him a big incentive. :-) Did I mention that Nathan adores his dad???? Abigail then joined us when it was time to put together our caramel apples. We got Paula Dean's receipe from and it was great! Although I did put them on wax paper instead of the baking sheet and they got stuck. Was quite a feat to get them separated. During our movie night (Lord of the Beans from the Veggie Tale - yep! A humourous take on Lord of the Beans with the same message for little ones) we then ate our much anticipated apples which were the crowning jewel for this fabulous weekend! David put Abigail night-night and I took Nathan. When I asked him what his favorite part of the day was, it was expected that he'd say the caramel apples. And yes that was one part of his answer but the other one surprised me: Making them! He actually mentioned that before eating them. Like I said, good things happen when we make them happen. Tomorrow, this mommy will buy herself a BIG monthly wall planner and let the planning begin! :-)

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