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Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's A Big Girl Bed!

Abigail is sleeping in a big girl bed (crib converted to a toddler bed) since last night. David has been wanting to do this for her for a while but I've been dragging my feet. Since she is getting well into her twos and is starting to test boundaries, figured it's now or never while she is still somewhat obedient. :-) So David and Nathan worked hand-in-hand yesterday to convert the crib into a toddler bed for our little snuggelbug. We made a big fuss about it and at bedtime, she actually asked for her slats back and didn't like her toddler bed. :-( However, after encouragement, she went to sleep in it. I was prepared to be up for a while but Abigail never once left her bed. For naptime today, she is overtired after a wonderful morning of bike-riding and a playground visit. Surely, she'll be way too tired to leave her bed. :-) So far, so good. Plus, we took all toys and books out of reach so she doesn't really have incentive to leave her bed. Hopefully this will work just as well as Nathan. Wouldn't that be nice!

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