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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There is a super-hero in our midst! Recently the family was informed that a super-hero is part of us: Nathanman. He sports a cape which allows him to fly if he runs really fast. He also owns various hats for masking his identity. Sometimes he also wears glasses or goggles. Not sure he was taught that in super-hero school. Alas, his powers have not yet manifested (other than flying). From what we understand, he is the protector of little sisters. He is also the helper of a much taller Grampyman super-hero. According to Nathanman's alter ego Nathan, he also protects people from the pound. ??? Thank goodness, I guess. We are fortunate to have such greatness among us.
P.S.: Sources tell us that Nathanman has also been mentioning an Abbygirl a lot. Hmmm...

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