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Friday, March 12, 2010

Social Little Butterfly

We have been doing a lot of playgroups lately and have been doing a playdate with Nathan's "best friend" almost every Friday. While Nathan still does the age-typical side-by-side play, Abigail has become quite social. She loves to chat, with kids and adults. It's too cute. Since she talks extremely well for her age and in whole sentences, she can communicate very easily. She finds it easy to play with other kids too and has no problems sharing toys with others. With Nathan however, she quarrells more. The two of them have been doing much better playing with each other. This has one side effect though: Abigail is being introduced to wrestling. Not what I had in mind for my girlie-girl but I guess we have to roll with it. After all, at least they are playing with each other.

Here is an excerpt from our last playdate with Carter who is a little younger than Nathan and Melissa, Carter's mommy:

Abigail: "Carter?"

no answer.

Abigail: "Carter!"

Carter: "Yes Abigail?"

Abigail: "Melissa is not talking to me!"

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