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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tough Guy

Nathan has been having wart issues for a while. It all started with one very stubborn wart on his finger that then spread onto his nose and onto two more fingers. Apparently warts are quite common in children and they are a virus that spreads through rubbing on skin. So, if your child for example always rubs his nose with the wart finger, then it will grow a wart under his nose. If you tell him not to rub the nose anymore and he obeys you but uses a different finger, then the wart spreads there, etc. :-) Nathan had two warts frozen off twice. I've had this done myself and it can be quite painful for a few hours afterwards. It was not a good experience for him but he braved it. One of the warts nevertheless keeps coming back and the one on the nose is more like a skin tag that had no grown to 4mm. So it looked more like snot hanging out of his nose. We went to see a dermatologist who gave us some options, however Nathan would have to have a shot in his nose to numb it. My son very much dislikes needles. He was very concerned about this, so much so he even asked his dad to come along for moral support. And as always, having his dad by his side, just gave the kid such strength, we never even cried or whimpered, not when they gave him the shot, cut off the wart or put the medicine on the other wart on his finger. He was tough. Let's all hope that they will be a thing of the past now. No matter what though, we are so incredibly proud of our tough guy.

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