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Monday, April 19, 2010


In the middle of the picture is the card that David made me for my birthday. The ribbons open the flower petals and writing is underneath. The hurricanes to the each side are another present from Apples of Gold. They are vellum paper that you can print anything on, then glue them in the back. Decorate with ribbon around the bottom and add embellishments such as flowers. Brilliant idea from Jenn who does this with her kids!

This year has probably been one of my favorite birthdays. Yes, I'm getting older but who isn't? And although my gray hairs seem to multiply at an alarming rate, my husband and kids made this year very special for me.
Well, for starters I got two days for birthday celebration instead of one. Still not quite sure how that happened. On my birthday we just had such wonderful family time together, the four of us. We even went for a romantic walk on the waterfront. The trees there are blooming and the kids got at one point showered with white little blossoms falling to the ground. Where is that camera when you need it? We even hit a Starbucks on our way where Matze and Mandy contributed to a new loaded card. :-)

For lunch we all got Taco Bell. :-) That was my request. Sad, uh? I just love their oh so unhealthy food. Back at home David took care of all naptime requirements while I got to do whatever I wanted. All day long he spoiled me with stuff like that. During naptime he secretly worked on something with closed doors. Suspense drives me crazy when he does that. :-)

While the kids were napping and after they woke up we made David's oh so very yummy black-eyed pea salsa. It is very good. Really good. I love the way he cuts his veggies up that he puts in it. They are all the exact same size. Exactly. It's the prettiest thing you've ever seen. By the time we were done it was pretty much time to get up and get ready for our wonderful Apples of Gold dinner (see previous post). What a fabulous end to a fabulous day! I got spoiled...

BUT... we weren't done yet. Oh no! My husband decided it would be a two-day celebration! Ok by me! :-) Sunday morning we went to church and saw lots of wonderful people there. While the kids napped I got to pick pizza (my wish for dinner) and spent my time however I pleased while my husband worked on more secrets.... About 4:30-ish the whole family came to celebrate and we had a wonderful time. The weather was really nice so we all sat outside and relaxed. When it started to get dark, we headed in for opening of presents and cake made by Lorena (also yum!). Now, do you want to know what my wonderful, awesome and amazing husband worked on??? He MADE a card! I adore getting cards from him. So he made me three tulips and the petals are the part you write in! He cut them with the exacto knife and even tied them with ribbons. In Apples of Gold colors (by conincidence). :-) But I also got all the materials to make two stepping stones with him and the kids for our garden. How creative. Love that idea.

So thank you wonderful husband and all others for this amazing birthday! It was truly grand as Pooh bear would say. :-)

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