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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Freebies

This is just crazy! There is so much stuff to be picked up for free right now! All the stuff below was free!! With coupons. The only thing that I have to mail in for rebate are the shampoos and conditioners in the picture below. If any of you are interested in the website where I get these ideas from, just e-mail me. There are so many people who apparently do this for a living, to figure out all the weekly deals with coupons and rebates, etc. Tonight I saved another $20 at Bed, Bath and Beyond when I picked up my birthday present there courtesy of Hildegard and my mom. Honestly, it's such a rush filling up your fridge and knowing you have just cut your grocery budget in half. Thanks coupon ladies everywhere!

If you can read the print of the receipt, it says $0.00. Figured there were at least taxes to be paid but that was a wrongful assumption. It literally is $0.00.

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