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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picture Upload

Here are some pictures to show what we have been up to lately:

My birthday presents from the kids. They did such a great job coloring. Abby's is the left one and she always loves to color. But Nathan is the one I'm really impressed with. He usually does a few squiggles and then he's done. As you can see, he really tried hard. Veggie Tales coloring

pages in case you were wondering ( ).

David and Nathan having loads of fun. Nathan needs that physical activity with his dad. He LOVES it when his dad plays with him. I wish I had that energy that David has with him. Maybe I should start drinking coffee....

David's black-eyed pea salsa that he made for my birthday. No, the pieces are not all exact same size, I cut a lot of them. The receipe is the one from the Better Homes and Garden cookbook.

My little man adores birthdays. This year he had this thing that he had to wear a party hat. Fortunately we still had some old ones in the party decorating box. Day saved.

Below are some of the stickers that Oma sends for the kids. These ones are in their bathroom. the kids love them there. The only problem I have is that they try to peel them off and move them which takes away from their stickiness.

Doesn't that just look neat on the cabinet doors? Makes the bathroom so much more fun.

After finding some coupon-chasing ladies on the internet, I've been thrilled to get stuff for free with coupons everywhere. This is one of my proudest outings yet. Everything you see in the picture below cost me: $0.00! That's right. After coupons and rebates, I will even be $2 in the plus! I did return the yellow lotion as their rebate was kind of wishy-washy. But after stamps and taxes paid, it literally did not pay anything (that is if the rebates work out... :-) ).

Abigail and her gazillion stuffed animals resting with daddy. How cute. Can you tell daddy is enjoying this?

Grandma came over for a playdate with the kids. Here she is in the diner with Abigail.

They even talked her into jumping on the trampoline! That woman is just a gem. If I have that energy when I'm her age, I'll be happy.

She may get lost in that box.... Can you just mentally picture the cartoon to this?

David figured out a really creative way to put up my Christmas present. I love it! Only a detailer could figure out how to put an object that can't be put in this corner in this corner.

After reading a book on dolphins, here is the matching art work by Nathan, Abigail and myself (the sky was painted by me....)

My two men mowing the lawn. Nathan was just thrilled to help his dad with this. He kept pushing his little lawn mower behind his father. Ah, these moments!

Our little girl in her big girl bed. No more railings to hold her back. Just like her brother, she will not leave her bed unless I tell her it is ok. Amazing! I got so lucky. And that is her beloved pink bear on the floor and the lamby at her foot.

Nathan thought for a moment that it sounded good to eat ketchup by the spoonful. Then he learned why none of us do that.

Another craft project. Abby's is top left, Nathan's is the one on the bottom. Mine is the upper right one. The kids both put a lot of work into those. It was very fun and we had them hanging by the dining room table for a while.

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