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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Mother's Day supposedly is for fathers and children to show how much they appreciate the mother. Today I realized it is also a reminder for me how precious those I take care of are. It's a reminder that even though there are tough days (and believe me having a 3-year old testing his limits while the 2-year old starts the "no, I won't!" phase makes for tiring days sometimes); life is beautiful when you are blessed enough to have those around you that you love. I thank God for giving these beautiful moments as gifts and even more so for granting me the ability to see them as such. I pray that I will always remember these gifts, even if life should be much harder some day.

My Bible quote calendar for today. David taped it underneath the serving tray so that it would be revealed after the food was taken off. How thoughtful.

Honestly, if you get woken up with the beautiful platter below, how can your day possibly turn out bad?
Taking Grandma to the park.

Just want to smootch you!

Apparently this is the new way to swing.

Throwing anything in any body of water is a favorite among our children. This enormous branch into the local lake was especially pleasing to the little boy.

Somthing about this picture with her little bear under her arm that moves me.

Abigail loves doing things with her eyes closed lately. Among them: walking. That hasn't worked out to well for her. She's bumped into various walls, fallen off a wall she was on and tripped multiple times. Apparently she's a slow learner on this subject...

It was just a perfect day and the kids although they hadn't napped, found peace out here. So did David and I. Below: A boy and his daddy walking onto a tree over the lake.

I wish this would have come in better. My two handsome men.

Who's got the life here? Princess in her carriage, being pushed by her most loyal subject.

We got to see a lot of really neat and interesting things. We dug up some rolled up bugs and worms, saw a milipede, a bull frog, a wood pecker and all the work he's been doing, what he was after (some really BIG ants in a tree - termites?), pretty flowers, some nest of something in the water, a snail (Nathan kept wanting to touch the slimy part - such a boy!), a duck (much to Abigail's delight), ferns and dogs (again to Abigail's delight). It was just an overall great day with fabulous weather. But none of the above animals was as great as what happened below. Although we see these eagles quite often, we saw this bald eagle flying in from over the trees and dipping down onto the lake. He did catch the fish. Amazing. What precision.

Seeing that reminded me of Isaiah 40:31:
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

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