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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Nathan twirling his hair with his finger.
Mommy: "Why do you do that?"
Nathan: "To let people know I'm crazy."

Nathan to mommy: "Patience, mommy, patience."

Daddy playing airplane with the kids.
Daddy: "There is a tornado. All planes to the table."
Nathan: "Watch out Abby! There is a tomato!"

Daddy taking a bite of Abigail's candy.
Nathan: "You don't have to take a bite of mine, it tastes just the same."

Daddy dishing out consequences for bad behavior after Nathan was having a particularly rough two days: "Nathan, your consequence is no strawberry milk for the rest of the day."
Nathan earnestly: "That's ok. You already took that away yesterday."

Abigail: "The horse is sad."

Mommy: "Why is it sad?"

Abigail: "That's just how it goes sometimes."

Grampy to Abigail: "Are you eating cereal?"
Abigail: "Popcorn."
Grampy: "You're eating popcorn?"
Abigail: "That's what I said."

1 comment:

  1. " . . . you already took that away yesterday . . ."

    Your kids are a riot! Thanks for the laughs.