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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Fun Family Day

Days where we stay home and do fun stuff at home are always great. Last weekend we did just that since the weather wasn't very good at all. We decided to have a coloring night. :-) It was actually fun and us grown-ups got really into it too. We made home-made pizza and had all sorts of fun. I love family fun nights!

Nathan likes Toy Story a lot. David found this customizable printable story book online. He put our names into it and we put it together for Nathan who was very excited.

We've been experimenting with our own pizza dough. If anyone has a good receipe, let me know! Abigail was helping me make pizza while the guys were still coloring. She had a great time helping me but had an even better time sampling everything. :-) That's my girl!

This girl is trained the right way! :-) She cleans up after cooking.

More digital coloring this time.

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