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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Potty Training - Part Two (or the Second Child)

We've decided to give potty-training Abigail a try. I'm not very fond of potty-training. If it was up to me, our children would be in diapers for a long time; most likely until they were old enough to make the conscious decision to no longer wear diapers. Diapers never bothered me. They are easy.
Either way, today's day number one for Abigail out of diapers. We've had two accidents, woke up wet from naptime and also used the potty successfully multiple times. Abigail is super excited about her Minnie Mouse undies, which I have to admit are too cute. I let her pick which one she wants to wear and although she only has 6 or less choices, she wants to wear them all. Maybe the accidents aren't "accidents" at all but merely a way to wear all her new undies.....
Wish us luck and pray for an easy-to-train child.

06/12/10 Update: We've decided to wait a little longer for the little girl as she doesn't seem to be able to do it at this point. Better luck next time.

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