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Friday, July 9, 2010

Azure Standard

We have been trying to be really conscious of what we feed our kids and also what products we use for cleaning. Going organic and "green" for the sake of our children (not that I don't like the planet, the kids are just a much greater motivator) is not always cost effective. Through some research I came upon this great service that is available in many states (yes Germans, this post is NOT for you....). It's a great service where people get together and become a "drop" and therefore get much cheaper organic and safe products. They mostly try to sell in bulk and not all their products are organic and as part of a drop your minimum order is $50. They sell everything edible (just about). I've heard only good things about them and posted my first order today. I'm giddy about it, to say the least. Don't ask me why this excites me, I'm just weird.....
Anyways, if you are interested, here is the website link.
And for the Germans, I'm really sorry the Germans did not make it to the finals of the World Cup. Now we can be sad together...

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