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Friday, July 30, 2010

First Family Camping Trip

We love camping as a family. I mean LOVE it. It is such a bonding experience to be out together in nature, snuggeling together in a tent as a family. It's great. This was our first all family camping trip. Abigail had never actually slept in a tent and we were very worried about her sleeping. To our surprise, she went to sleep all by herself and although she couldn't sleep with all the noise around her, she laid in her bed quietly until mommy came to sleep with her. Does that happen??? Sigh, it was blissfull. We went for nature hikes (well, they were shorter hikes due to shorter legs), played at the playground, played soccer and frisbee on a nearby field, enjoyed night walks, campfires, campfood, a gazillion marshmallows, just as many millipedes (also known as lillypedes according to Abigail), and just good old-fashioned family time. My favorite moment during it all was waking up with Abigail in my arm. The girl opened her eyes and smiled the biggest smile at us! David and I both were smitten. Then she started smirking until we laughed and continued to make cute faces to keep us laughing. Other greats were Nathan playing rugby with me. It's quite scary to get tackled by a four-year old. He also walked me to the restroom at night so I wouldn't be scared. And of course watching my husband taking care of us all. At night I was really cold for some reason and he gave me some of his clothing and his blanket. Re-arranged the whole sleeping situation just so he could keep me warm and everyone else. He was going to give up his blanket for me! What a guy. Plus, he makes the absolutely perfect marshmallow. Definitely a keeper. And the kids are quite fond of him. That helps. :-) Here are some pictures of our first family camping trip.

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