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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Frugal Family Fun

We've been trying to do something special with the kids on the weekends. The weather hasn't been too nice around here so last weekend we decided to go camping - inside our house. The kids were super excited. We told them ahead of time and both Abigail and Nathan were eager to help. Thankfully we had some room in our fire place room to put the tent up. The plan was to also roast marshmallows and hot dogs but the latter never made it. The door on the fire place got stuck and having only one side open resulted in a weird draft that eventually made all of our fire alarms on the second floor go off. Yep, we even had excitement. :-) The kids had a great time though and this didn't cost us anything since we had everything at home already. Abigail didn't want to sleep in the tent but Nathan was the happiest little boy, sleeping in between mommy and daddy. You should try this sometime.
Disclaimer: Activity may result in back pain over the next few days for any persons over the age of 30. Activity will result in extreme happinesss for all persons under the age of 10. This may also last for days.

Abigail is not crying - she's actually very excited. Watch her hand. The next frame (not shown) shows her little hand slowly reaching for the marshmallows....

Abigail mesmerized by the fire. I love this picture.

Daddy and Abigail getting the fire started.

We had extra long storytime. Both of our kids LOVE having stories read to them. Nathan loves to drink his milk out of sippy cups. This is a treat for him.

Nothing like discovering a "secret" exit in the tent and then wrestling your sister who is trying to escape. For the rest of the evening, they would climb in and out through the little exit in the back.
The best part about camping in your own house? Woody and Buzz Lightyear could come along too! Oh, and another great thrill for a 4-year old boy: Flashlights!

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