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Monday, July 26, 2010

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

I love my husband. Very much and for so many reasons. He sleeps with a blanket he doesn't like because I love it. He carries all heavy things for me even when he's hurting. He opens doors for me and lets me walk in first. He teaches his children to be thankful for my cooked dinners even if they don't like what they are eating. And he spoils me. :-) Once a week we try to have a movie night. Last weekend as he took the kids to go to a nearby movie rental place, I didn't even notice they were gone longer than normal. Picking the right movie is a tough decision for a 4-year old. That could take a while. Granted we only give him two or three choices but nevertheless, it is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. But they were off to another location where they made a quick stop to get my very much loved Chai Tea Latte and these oh-so-beautiful flowers. Abigail couldn't help herself and spilled the beans right when they saw me and before I ever saw the flowers. She was so excited yelling "Mommy! Mommy! We got you flowers!!" My husband's beaming face was wonderful to see. He gets very excited for anything good happening to me. That would be another reason I love the man that God gave me. Or the man that was "baked" for me as my mom would say.
Seems that lately God's beautiful creations and love for me are really jumping out at me. These gorgeous flowers are just another happy part of the whole awesome thing. :-)

That delicious chai tea is just so good. Am I really doing free advertising for Starbucks?? Mandy, I'll have some for you! :-) And the delightful flowers and vase were enjoyed for many days after.

Here is another one of God's amazing creations for you to enjoy. Bet you don't have a spiffy hat like that.

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