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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's been so busy with the good weather being here finally. We've been doing lots of outdoors stuff, lots of playdates, playgrounds, scenic drives, parks, etc. And we've gotten in the habit of not taking our big chunky camera with us. This is very unusual knowing how many pictures we have on our computers. Most likely every hour of Nathan's first year has been documented through photographs. But here are some things we did manage to take pictures of:

Nathan's picture he painted for Father's Day. It's an ocean with a red fish, a purple fish (eating the red fish???), some sand and sea weed.

Puzzles are huge at our house right now. Abigail is finally able to do them too so her and Nathan sit for a good hour at the dining room table doing puzzles. Abigail can do 25 piece puzzles. Nathan is doing 100 - 150 piece puzzles, depending on the puzzles difficulty level. He is very proud to do puzzles that are marked 6+ years. :-)

We've been doing lots of dress-up. Pirates, princesses, dragons, the likes. In our house, you never know what to expect around the corner....

In an effort to make life healthier, I've been making a lot of things myself. Here are strawberry-yogurt popsicles that I made with all natural and organic ingredients.

Here is the face of the first child enjoying this homemade treat. You see why she's wearing a bib.

Here is the happy face of child number 2 enjoying the homemade popsicles.

Another thing we've been focusing on is to teach our children how to be thoughtful of others. Here Abigail took initiave and read to.......... our cat Daisy hiding under the bed! Daisy hides from the kids but that didn't stop Abigail in her thoughtfulness.

Still reading to the cat. Don't you like her choice of book to read to the cat? Curious George. How sweet.

There has been some yummy grilling going on! Love summer because David is an amazing grill master. This year he tried grilling corn for the very first time. His favorite part about grilling corn? The handle the husks leave you.

Summer dresses! Oh what fun! Little model loves her dresses.

There has also been a lot, and when I say a lot of I truly mean it, of imaginative play. Nathan is basically spending his days pretending to be different characters from movies or stories. Here he is pretending to be Robot Roscoe from a Backyardigan segment. Other favorites include: Todd (Fox and the Hound), Elliot the Dragon (Pete's Dragon), a birdie, another fox whose name I cannot pronounce, a velociraptor (for those of you who don't have boys, this is a very fast and scary dinosaur), and a kitten named Oliver. Abigail of course loves to do whatever Nathan wants to do so she has a lot of the female counterparts: Vixey (Fox and the Hound), a girl dragon with a name I cannot pronounce, a girl birdie, no second fox and thankfully no second velociraptor (they tend to attack me unexpectedtly), and a kitten named Olive. The unfortunate side effect of this is that the foxes and some other characters make really annoying sounds. The positive is that if you go along with the character play, you can get them to do just about anything, even things they fought you on before. This works especially well on the dreaded tooth brushing task. Love that!

More yummy grilling stuff. The pineapple was sooo good. It's dipped in coconut milk first and then in a brown sugar mixture. Mmmh, mmmh, mmmh. We'll try lime/lemon honey mix next time. Oh, the possibilites!

More from scratch things I've made: French bread and loads of strawberry freezer jam. The freezer jam is such a hit in our house. Since we have tons of it now, we are starting to put it into everything: bread, yogurt, popsicles, ice cream. The possibilites are endless. Ahhhhhhh, summer. Such a beautiful thing.

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  1. My favorite are when the 5 personalities have to take turns saying good morning to me. "Crazy Mornings" takes on a whole new meaning.

    On another note, you are such a wonderful wife and mother, we are very lucky to have you taking care of us. Oh yeah, you are really cute too. Man, I really do like corn, huh?

    Love ya,