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Monday, August 23, 2010


During our failed potty training try:
Abby, addressing an older man we've never met before, in line at Fred Meyer: "I went poopy in my pants and not in the potty." ....Yes, the old man was very uncomfortable...

Mommy to Abigail: "Stop yelling."
Abigail: "But that was Tinkerbell mommy!"

David and Nathan had a long talk over miscellaneous topics. When they were done, Nathan goes: "This has been great," and walks away.

After watching the movie "Pete's Dragon," Nathan was pretending to be Elliot the dragon. Explaining to his uncle Chris: "Ellios has stripes on his BIIIIGGG belly, it's even bigger than yours!"

Nathan: "I wanna say goodbye to daddy when my tears are gone."

Abigail (all happy): "I almost burped!" (Hopefully she'll loose that excitement...)

Daddy: "Hi Abigail."
Abigail, very serious: "Don't talk to me. I'm in time-out."

Abigail to Nathan: "Don't talk to me!"
Daddy to Abigail: "Be nice."
Abigail in her sweetest voice to Nathan: "What would you like, brother?"

Nathan to Abigail: "I love you."
Abigail to Nathan: "I love you too, buddy."

Daddy: "Over there is the Jungle Gym."
Nathan: "Who is Jumbo Jim?"

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