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Friday, September 3, 2010

Little Victories

Strange things have been happening around here... The other day I made burritos for my kids and told them they could choose ingredients but had to pick 3. Here are the options: Refried beans, cheese, corn, cherry tomatoes, spinach (also known as "leaves" in our house), onions. It seems the obvious choice was the first three offered. However, my son looks at me and goes: "Beans, cheese and leaves." What???? Where was the choir of angels singing??? And then my ever so sweet little red-head goes: "Me too; leaves." I think it took me about an hour to regain consciouness but all burritos and leaves were eaten! Without complaints, mind you (that's another miracle in itself).
Yesterday we went to Grampy's house. This is TV, candy, chocolate milk heaven for my kids. They ask and they will receive. Since they don't get a lot of TV at our house, they will be clued to Grampy's TV watching WordWorld or mostly the Backyardigans. Grampy records those shows faithfully for them. So when he offered to turn a show on (this is the first clue: he had to offer it), my children politely declined and went on to play outside. What??? There are aliens somewhere that have my children. I'm sure of it. Nevertheless, both moments where very proud mommy moments for me. Little victories.

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